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Hello world!

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This was my view most of yesterday: I seem to have tweaked my back but don’t ask me how; I’m not sure but at some point between getting out of bed and getting out of the shower something went horribly wrong.  I left work early because pain medication wasn’t helping and I was getting light headed at times. All I… Read more »

She’s a Beauty

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It’s amazing how when you get a new car, you quickly go from this:  To this: That’s how I felt the whole drive home.  I was afraid someone was going to hit me.  Like more nervous than I usually am because I don’t trust other drivers. That’s how I feel right now with my car parked outside.  All alone.  No… Read more »

The First Family Dinner

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There’s a couple big things going on and I wish I could tell you but I fear jinxing myself. I ask you to cross your fingers for me regardless and know as soon as I can give any news (good or bad), I’ll fill you in. Meanwhile, I never filled you in on our Easter celebration last week. Amy and… Read more »

A New Home

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It’s amazing what a change in your living situation can do for you.  Living with the right person can take a city that you don’t really like and make it much more bearable.  Living with one of your best friends makes coming home after work fun, even if all you’re going to do is watch a movie, drink a beer,… Read more »

Foodie for a Day // S&W Diner

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Yesterday was my birthday.  And a splendid one at that. I started my day with 1/2 a cupcake and a cup of coffee but the real deal came as Amy and I went off to S&W Diner in Downtown Culver City.  What was on our minds were pancakes and I was assured S&W have delicious and thick pancakes that wouldn’t… Read more »

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!

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I thought about starting my day with one of these: But after some careful consideration, I decided it’s probably best to hold off for something a bit more substantial.  Coffee and a banana with peanut butter were utilized to hold me over as there is a pancake breakfast in my future! …okay, so I was just presented with the box… Read more »