Caught in the act

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Someone fell on their run this morning.
That someone was me.
Thankfully nothing was hurt except for my ego (and a few scrapes).

Then my annoyance surged when I opened my mail to see a notice of delinquent renewal from the state of California.  Apparently, even when they don’t send you the first notice letting you know, it’s still delinquent.  Even when they don’t update your address after you had done it in the system, it’s still your fault.  And what you get in return is another $88 tacked on and an hour long hold if you want to complain.
Starting to think it’s not worth it.  But my bank account thinks differently.
But I know what I need to do is just breathe, because it’s not worth it.  I have better things to focus my energy towards.
Change your thoughts; change your life.
Thankfully as I was working myself into such a rage of anger, I was able to recognize it wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t the way I wanted my day to go or the feeling I wanted to carry with me.  Instead, I’m going to figure out how to move forward.  Yes this is going to set me back (another) good chunk of money but I’ll deal as I always do.
Sometimes we need to stop ourselves mid-reaction and realize if it’s healthy or worth the energy.  I have so many things I want to do with my life that worrying, frustration and anger, aren’t worth more than a few moments.  There’s only room for positivity, love and happiness.
I’m always grateful when I’m able to realize and stop this kind of reaction before I let it completely take me over.  And right now, I have a peanut butter sandwich, hot cup of coffee and Harry Potter 5 waiting for me downstairs to enjoy before work.


**After reading my good friend’s blog the other week, she decided that for the month of November, she’s posting something she’s grateful for; something as simple as a picture or quote or possibly something lengthy.  In the month that we come together and share what we’re grateful and thankful for, there seems to be no better way.  And it’s with that that I have decided to join her.  Will you join us? #gratefulseason