How to Celebrate National Hermit Day

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Today is my kind of holiday! Did you not know it’s a holiday? Well it is, and I’m not talking about my birthday (that’s in April)…today is



It’s okay, you can laugh with me because let’s get real, it’s a hilarious holiday to celebrate but I’m happy to pay my respects to those fellow introverts who enjoy their hermit time to reset, recharge, and re-energize for the next time they need to be around people.

Unsure how to celebrate National Hermit Day?

1. Read a Book or Magazine

Might I suggest one from my January to June reading list? Or maybe you want to join me on my current read or next read?

2. Stream a Show Online

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or any other website that allows me to stream movies or a TV show, are great options. 😉

3. Go for a Run Alone or Practice Yoga

As much as I love the community around CrossFit or even my local yoga studio, it’s also nice to get in a workout without anyone else around and really enjoy and appreciate that time for yourself.

4. Online Shopping

There is NO shame shopping online, if you ask me! Sure, it’s nice to get out of the house once and awhile and browse your local Target store (No? Just me?) but sometimes the crowds or screaming children or unaware adults makes it really difficult to enjoy, so making my purchases online and having them shipped right to me is a total winner.

5. Work on a Puzzle

I am puzzle obsessed! I actually have a stack of them that I borrowed from my parents waiting for me to complete. Last time I put one together I did it in about 24 hours because I got so into it, so I’ve been a bit afraid to break one out again, but they are a great activity to really work the mind!

6. Start a Craft Project

I’m working on that quilt for my grandmother, but you could always cut up some magazines for a vision board, pick up a cross stitch kit or try something new!

7. Write

Whether you write poetry, music, blog posts (ha!) or just in your journal, it’s a great way to spend time to yourself!

8. Clean

I hate a mess and clutter, which you should know my house is in a total disarray of empty boxes so I can start packing for my move and the clutter is driving me bonkers! Needless to say, cleaning or picking things up is definitely something I enjoy doing (or at least enjoy when it’s done)!

9. Take a Nap

I actually almost forgot to include this, but I would imagine if you have children, then if you get a chance to spend some time by yourself, you may choose to use it by sleeping.

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Are you celebrating National Hermit Day?

What is your favorite activity to do when you have time to yourself?

26 thoughts on “How to Celebrate National Hermit Day

  1. Shelly

    I think I identify more with being an extrovert, but I do have introverted tendencies as I LOVE alone time and doing all the things you listed above! Especially crafting! 🙂

    Also, is there a National Social Butterfly Day too!?

  2. Sabrina

    I’m an extrovert but am finding myself more and more often needing alone/quiet/at home time to recharge. Maybe I’m turning into an introvert. With 4 (almost 5) kids I don’t get any real alone time but these are all wonderful ideas for a relaxing day at home!

  3. Kaley

    Apparently I celebrate national hermit day every day while I’m waiting to get back into the workforce! It starts off with blogging and TV time simultaneously, then yoga and running, chatting it up with the fiancé, then the rest is “whatever” time. ? Not a bad life to live but I have to admit it gets quite boring! I can’t wait to be working again!

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