Challenge is Key

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I don’t like things to be super easy; I find that boring.  I’ve always been someone who wants to be challenged.  I like taking opportunities that keep my brain engaged and constantly learning.  

Yoga is the same.  Yesterday’s “restorative” flow was good but when tonight’s class came around, I was so excited for the challenge.  (And when I find I’m surrounded by people who are more advanced than I am, I want to work harder to get to their level and be able to do what they’re doing.  Like a headstand or handstand or something!) Plus since it was 80+ degrees in Santa Monica today and still warm in the evening, the room was really warm adding to the challenge.  Oh it was so good!  It actually made me decide to change my plan for tomorrow’s class because I decided the Level 1 class may be too easy and I want another challenge.  …call me crazy but I may even challenge myself with a group exercise class at the gym prior to yoga as well. 
It’s amazes how exercise can keep me focused and centered, despite the fact that I’ve told you and my friends all a thousand times how it’s that way for me.  I need to keep my body moving to get a steady stream of endorphins flowing, allowing me to stay centered.  When I find myself getting crankiest, it’s when I haven’t had a good workout recently (like after a day off or after a “restorative” only flow…)  Yes, today was a cranky day for me.  I’m working on finding the best way for me to deal with challenging people and situations, especially when I haven’t had my proper workouts.  Despite the fact that my body has been moving a lot in yoga, I really miss my cardio and lifting sessions at the gym so I need to work on getting those to fit into my 30 day yoga challenge without overdoing it.  It will be a fine line between “too much” and my current state of feeling like there “isn’t enough” but I’ll get there.
And in the meantime, can we brainstorm ways for me to make more money so I can continue my yoga habit once this month is over? 🙂
I was doing these tonight!! (No, this isn’t me – Source)