Chamber of Secrets

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Thankfully my parents got the hint the other day and put my Harry Potter books in the mail.  But just knowing they were on their way made me even more anxious for their arrival so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when they showed up yesterday afternoon (especially after my dad said to expect them on Monday). 
But the timing was perfect!  Two of my friends from work are staying with me for a couple of days starting last night and I needed something to keep me busy (and awake) until they got off work at 11.
A glass of wine, bowl of kettle corn, and four chapters into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets later, my company arrived.  A couple hours of stories, talking and lots of laughs over wine ensued.  It was a good night.
But now it’s time to continue kick off this “book club” and I sure hope you’ll join me!


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