“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”

To my surprise, I’ve been enjoying the new addition of Twitter into my life.  I’ve realized it’s not the “I just ate dinner,” “I need to pee,” “I’m typing as I type this” kind of thing that I thought it was before joining.  There is actually a point to it.  There is an ability to spread a word, a point.  There is an ability to almost network and share common interests.  I’ve been having fun!
I bring this up because one of the “people” I started to follow is called “Greatest Quotes” and throughout the day they post many amazing, inspiring, beautiful quotes (maybe even some funny ones too).  But one that came up this morning was a quote by Ernest Holmes “Change your thinking, change your life.”  I re-tweeted it.  I wanted to make sure that any one who didn’t see it, got a chance to see (or at least all 14 of my followers).  But it’s so true.
If I look back to 2010, it was a bumpy ride for me.  As with life, I had some great days and I had some awful days, but it felt like the awful days were occurring more often than I wanted them to.  And when they came around they were worse than I had known them to be.  Or the ability to bounce back from them was harder, so they’d last longer than a day.  I knew if I wanted to change things around, I would have to make a conscious effort to actually do so.  I slowly but surely tried and some days I failed.  As I believe I’ve mentioned here before, I decided to start 2011 on a fresh note.  I decided to stay in; I decided to spend it alone; I decided to go to bed around 10pm; I decided I wasn’t going to care what anyone said about the way I chose to spend my evening.  And that’s what I did.  I woke up the next morning bright and early so I could get to work and open and unlike everyone else, I was awake; I was happy; I didn’t stink of last night’s drinks sweating out my pores; I wasn’t tired and dragging; I felt amazing!  And at that point, I was given the reassurance that 2011 would be different and while it would take a lot of work for me, choosing to take steps to reduce the toxicity in my life and make a conscious effort to change my thinking, could really work.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy and I knew I’d have some awful days and I’d have some amazing days, but I also knew I needed to stick with it if I was going to see the change I wanted in my life.
You have all stuck with me and witnessed this journey, or at least everything I’ve chosen to publish, so you all know it hasn’t been easy.  But through all of this I have gained wisdom and peace and happiness.  I bring this up because a co-worker of mine is going through some hard times and I’m witnessing the impact it is having on him.  So when he posted his frustration this morning on Facebook about 5 minutes after I saw this Ernest Holmes quote, I really realized just how much this statement is true and that I needed to tell him that.  So I did.  My response was simply “change your thinking, change your life.”  I look forward to witnessing his journey. 🙂

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  1. Leona

    Way to go !! I feel like change is a life long adventure. It surely doesn't happen overnight…but then it's not an adventure if it is over too quickly.Good luck with your new “thinking” and life changes. Love you!!!

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