Changing Up Your Workout Playlist

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Oh crap! I can hardly even wrap my head around the fact that my 1/2 marathon is 6 days away…SIX!  I can’t figure out if it feels like this training and gone by super fast or dragged on and on and on.  But regardless, Sunday will be here before I know it which means I’m in my final moments to prepare, eat really clean, foam roll, sleep, make sure I have everything I need and get my playlist together.

Music Monday

And speaking of playlist, mine could use a little help.  Nothing major, there’s still some pretty good tracks on it, most don’t feel old when they come on but I’m definitely ready for some new, fun, up-beat songs to play as I’m running 13.1 miles next Sunday.

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 8.22.28 PM

So with that, I figured I’d dedicate this week’s Music Monday to our favorite songs to run to.  I’ll give you a few from my playlist that you can add to your own and then you leave me a few favorites from yours that I can add to mine! Sound like a plan? Good.


Here’s a few of my favorites:


Lights – Ellie Goulding

We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke

Hanging On (Sigma Remix) – Ellie Goulding

Miracle Mile – Cold War Kids

What are some of your favorite running or workout playlist songs?

1 thought on “Changing Up Your Workout Playlist

  1. JenB

    I always hesitate to recommend music, as people have such distinct and different tastes *Ü* I’ve been working out (treadmill/elliptical/bike) to tv programs mostly, but I’ve gone back to some music while doing a mile jog (you read that right, a WHOLE mile. Without. Stopping. I’m impressive, I know). My mile is also at a whopping 5mph (I know, impressive again!) I’m totally driven by the beat of the music, it has to match exactly! So some of my favorite 5mph are “We Can’t Stop” by Miley … also “The Climb” is great. 21Guns by Green Day, Perfect Day by Hoku, Move a Little Faster by Dionee Bromfield.

    I read in a magazine where it was recommended you NOT wear headphones (or at least just one) during a marathon … for safety, to stay tuned into announcements, so you could listen to your own breathing. I can’t imagine not having music though!

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