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In years past I know I have shared a few of my favorite holiday songs for Music Monday in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I didn’t do that this year but as I sat down to write this post, there wasn’t anything really sticking out to me. Aside from Christmas music, that is.

You see I’ve been listening to more Christmas music this year than I have the last couple years, and definitely more than I did last year. The boy really likes Christmas music so I think he’s to blame (or maybe to thank?) as I remember him playing it one day while I was over. At first I thought it seemed really early but then I remember realizing that given the date (whatever it was), it really wasn’t too soon.

Then one afternoon at work I was needing to listen to some music but couldn’t decide so I texted him to tell me what to listen to and he suggested Christmas music. I took him up on the idea and it was exactly what I needed.

Therefore, when it came down to this week’s Music Monday, the only music really calling out to me was Christmas music. Even more so, Alabama’s “Christmas in Dixie.”

Growing up I remember there being a couple of Christmas tapes that my parent’s had and I just loved when they broke them out for the season. There were a few songs I loved to listen to over and over. I’m pretty sure once the tapes were replaced with CDs, I confiscated those tapes for myself. I don’t remember too many of the songs that were on there (I know at least one was a mix artist tape), but I remember “Christmas in Dixie” and overtime it has come on the radio this season, I can’t help but be happy and turn it up.

I guess it just brings out that warm, holiday feeling we all love so much. It starts the nostalgic train that gets me thinking of all of my other favorite traditions we had growing up like the massive cookie baking day with my grandma, mom, sister and great aunt, reading one chapter of the Swedish holiday book my uncle wrote for my sister and I, watching ‘A White Christmas’ with my mom and sister, 8 hour gift unwrapping marathons since my grandma just loved spoiling her kids and grandkids with massive stockings and making each person open one gift at a time (it wasn’t about the gifts, but the jokes and tricks to hurry it along that ensued)…you get the idea.

So today I encourage you to think back to your holidays growing up, what songs and memories stick out to you?

8 thoughts on “Christmas In Dixie

  1. Cori

    I love this song! Have you heard Ray Charles’ Spirit of Christmas? It’s not country, but it has that nice family, cozy feel to it.

  2. Andrea R Huelsenbeck

    Growing up, Christmas wasn’t really here unless my parents were playing the White Christmas album by Bing Crosby. I’ve owned it on vinyl, cassette, and CD.
    In more recent times, my favorite Christmas song is Breath of Heaven, sung by anyone.

  3. Shelly

    Can I say all of them? 🙂 But if I had to choose one, I’d have to say “The Little Drummer Boy”. It is my dad’s favorite.

    I love Christmas songs, and I play them at home A LOT during the holidays cause I want my kids to grow up and find comfort in them when I’m long gone. 🙂

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