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I’m all about really great sweat-dripping workouts.  Clearly, I’m not a girl who is afraid to sweat.  In fact it’s the opposite, I like it!  (Unless it’s because of a grotesquely humid day in the middle of summer where you step outside and you’re immediately covered in an inch of sweat – I don’t like that so much.)

And sometimes on my cross-training days, I don’t feel like riding the stationary bike or elliptical and nothing sounds better than walking.  But then I’m often battling the thought that walking won’t give me as great of a workout.  This isn’t necessarily true and I know it (so why do I always tell myself otherwise?!).

So I set out on an expedition to make myself sweat and guess what? It worked(!) and I call it the Climb It Incline Treadmill Workout.

And with the weather getting cooler, we’re moving more and more workouts indoors.  Hey quit calling it the dreadmill and hop on – I swear it’s not that bad!

Please excuse me, I’m off to get my sweat on!


But before I go, I need to share what I’m #thankfulfor.

Lately, I’ve been complaining a lot about work.  I’ve been feeling overworked and underpaid, and just completely exhausted.  But regardless of my whining, I have to admit I’m thankful for having a job and some source of income.  It may not necessarily be enough to live within in my normal means, but it’s just enough to pay my bills so that I can keep studying and pursuing my dream.  I am very thankful for that.

What are you thankful for today?

Are there any workouts you avoid because you convince yourself they’re “not good enough?”

6 thoughts on “Climb.It.

  1. Jessie

    Looks like an awesome incline treadmill workout girl!!

    Today I’m thankful that it’s Saturday. It’s the last day of work for the hubs & he should be home in 2 hours 🙂

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