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I feel like I’ve been so disconnected this week and while I know that’s not quite the case, it still feels pretty nice.  I figured it was about time we caught up with what I have been doing (because with my Bloglovin’ at 462, it’s clear blog reading hasn’t really been on that list…) 😉


-If we were having coffee (or tea) this morning, I’d tell you about work.  My coworker is on vacation which means I’m working different (longer hours) and with my mini getaway this weekend, those hours are condensed down to 4 days. I’m happy I’ve remained happy, positive and optimistic through most of it so far!


-If we were having coffee, I’d probably gush over my dresser project some more.  I’m so proud of how it turned out.  I’m planning a post later (next week?) with how I did it.


-If we were having coffee, I’d share with you about the August Break.  I had a friend turn me on to Susannah’s blog awhile ago and while I’ve checked in from time to time, when I heard about the August Break I knew I was in.  I’ll be checking in on Instagram (as I feel like it, obviously) and removing the pressure to blog or have a big involvement in social media. While these are things I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to step away for a minute, reflect and remove the pressure while reminding yourself why you did this in the first place.  (FYI – the answer is for the love of writing and sharing with people!)


-If we were having coffee, I would let you know I’ve already started this.  At least in my own way.  The last two evenings (after long work days), I’ve gone out with friends to relax, unwind and get some much needed social time.  It doesn’t get any better.


What would you tell me if we were having coffee? (or tea!)

4 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

    1. admin Post author

      That’s pretty much what I’m doing with this August break. Continuing to remove the pressure. 🙂

  1. Rick

    If we were having coffee I would just listen. I might tell you how I just finished my novel and how I was lost for a good day before recovery took over. But that’s a lot for coffee. So I’d just listen.

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