Come a Little Closer

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I hope everyone had a great weekend and while I’m sure many of you have a pretty severe case of the Mondays, I’m hoping we can help that with a little music. What do ya say?


I’m not sure how many of you are Cage the Elephant fans or how many of you actually know Cage the Elephant but that’s what we’re talking today. I’ll be quite honest, while I knew who they were, I’m not sure I would have called myself a fan in any way shape of form.


But lately I keep hearing “Come a Little Closer” and I like it. Who knew?



“Come a Little Closer” is off the band’s new album, Melophobia. I’m still making my way through the rest of the album so I’m not sure yet if I’d call myself a fan but I do like this song and think you will too.

 Are you a Cage the Elephant fan?

What have you been listening to this week?

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