Confession: That Time I Ate Bacon

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I have a confession.

You’ll hear me out, won’t you?

BACON confession

I’ve been vegetarian for 12 years…12! I stopped eating meat strictly because I didn’t like it so I still ate eggs and fish. Yeah, if I thought about when my fish was alive, I would get grossed out and couldn’t eat it, but ultimately, it all came down to taste.

So it was my surprise when about 2 months ago I found myself craving bacon. I kept it to myself as I knew it didn’t make much sense but when the craving didn’t subside for over a month, I finally caved in and told Sam.

To say she was ecstatic would be an understatement. On our next shopping trip there were suddenly two packages of bacon in our cart. And then a package of bacon was made.

I wasn’t sold. Though I wasn’t completely turned off from it either.

So we tried again. There was a second package of bacon, after all.

And then I liked it. I’m pretty sure I made Sam pinch me when I said it because that just didn’t seem possible. I know many people who have made a comment like “I’d love to be a vegetarian but I can’t give up bacon.” Yeah, that wasn’t me.

Now before anyone starts getting excited, I have zero desire to eat any other kind of meat. No chicken or beef or anything like that. The idea alone makes me nauseous, but bacon? I’m craving that.

What was funny was at dinner with my parents the other week my mom made a comment about how if I ever want to thinking about eating meat again, I should start with bacon. Sam and I nearly bust out laughing. At the time I wasn’t ready to tell anyone so we sat there, nodded and kept it a secret. I think her mother’s intuition must have been acting up.

So for now I’m eating bacon. Not all the time but on occasion when the craving strikes. And yes, I do still consider myself a (mostly) vegetarian. 😉

Do you have a confession to share?

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20 thoughts on “Confession: That Time I Ate Bacon

    1. Katie Post author

      I’m all about sweet breakfast…I’m still trying to figure out where the bacon craving came from…LOL

  1. Kelsey / Ramblings of Change

    This is absolutely hilarious – but I’m so happy you listened to your body. And you can still claim that title…after all you are doing what works for you! =) Mom’s intuition…it is quite scary, isn’t it?

  2. Alex @ Alex Tries it Out

    That’s actually how I stopped being vegetarian. One day, I just REALLY wanted a turkey sandwich. And the rest, as they say … is history.

    Although to be honest, I don’t really like bacon. 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      I used to HATE turkey so if I start eating other meats, I feel that will be the last. But quite honestly, other meats are just disgusting to me. I walk through the grocery store and can’t fathom eating any of the other

  3. Becky @ Olives n Wine

    Even after “stopping” (by stopping I mean I still don’t eat meat too often…) being a full-on vegetarian, bacon still isn’t my fav, LOL. I mean, it tastes good but I can’t get the idea of what it is out of my head 😉

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