Crawling into bed

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I had all intentions of posting yesterday but when my 5am-2pm shift became a 5am-11am after being sent home sick, I spent the remainder of the day in bed.  Moving from my bed usually meant I was about to get sick, needed more water or was going to try food again.  The idea of sitting up long enough to write a post or having my computer sit on my belly while I typed in bed just didn’t sound like a good idea.  I’ll spare you the details but it appears my body is not cut out for strong pain medications.  So far Darvocet and Vicodin make up the list.
I had to call out of work today as my body was still not recovered and at least at 8:30PM, I can say I’ve successfully eaten several crackers, a bowl of cereal and another handful of dry cereal.  Thank goodness!  I’m hoping it stays that way and tomorrow I continue down the road to recovery because I have my pre-surgery doctor’s appointment in the morning and while I can spend the rest of the day relaxing and taking it easy, I don’t want to miss anymore time from work before I’m away for surgery.
Well I’m making this a quick one tonight because while it’s still rather early, I’d like to get back into bed, read and fall asleep.  It is super cheesy of me to be grateful the past two days for my bed?  Since I’ve been under the weather, it’s okay though right?
Ehh, think whatever you want – I’m crawling into bed. G’night.