Creating a Ritual of Personal Celebration

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An honest moment for you here, I am terrible at celebrating myself, my small wins, my big wins, etc. I may hit my goals and instead of taking a moment to honor and celebrate my accomplishments, I move on to the next thing. Why aren’t we taking a moment of personal celebration? I don’t think I’m alone in this. 

In fact, sometimes I think it’s because we live in this society where we’re constantly seeing everyone’s highlight reels so it’s easy to keep trying to keep up with the Jones or work toward the next big goal. Sometimes I think it’s because we’re just so conditioned to see what isn’t working and what we don’t have. And sometimes I think it’s because we may not even realize the wins and the successes we even had. How’s that for a wild thought?

On my walk with Poncho today, I started thinking about this. The new year has brought about this roller coaster of emotions for me. Moments of feeling like I *know* I’m on the right path and doing the right things to create this life I desire, and moments later feeling like the mud on the bottom of my shoe because I’m reminded that I’m the single friend/cousin/person, still dealing with mice in my house, and my business still feels so far from being life-sustaining. And honestly, I think the return from social media is playing a huge part but how does one grow an online business without social media these days? I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

But I don’t want to dwell on the shit right now. I want to talk about my wins because dammit, I have had wins!

Energy Improvements

My energy was non-existent. I would wake up in the morning after a full night of sleep only to feel like I hadn’t slept a wink. After running some bloodwork with my functional medicine doctor, I learned my vitamin D, iron, thyroid, and b12 were all low. Of course! She put me on some supplements and while I’m not feeling like an energy ball yet, there are improvements. I’ve been able to get out of bed and get in yoga before work a couple of days this week. That’s HUGE progress from where I was a couple of weeks ago. That’s a win!

Eating Better

I always know when I’m feeling like shit because I start eating worse, even if that worse is still pretty good in the grand scheme of things. It just means I’m relying more on pre-packaged options, opting for cereal for dinner, and just not up for meal prep and cooking an actual meal. And over the last few weeks, I’ve been cooking more meals again. I’ve been prepping meals or parts of meals that can make my dinners easier during the week or when I’m feeling tired instead of opting for cereal those nights. (This is no shade to cereal! I still love me a bowl of cereal for an easy dinner sometimes!) But just last night, I did a little meditation and yoga after work and as my practice was finishing, I started getting a huge creative download but I was also hungry! I started writing a note on my phone, then ran downstairs and was able to heat up my sweet potato, veggies, and beans and then just quickly cook a couple of eggs. Dinner was done in 5 minutes and I barely had to pause the download.

My creativity is flowing

Speaking of that creative download, they’re coming more frequently again. After feeling like my words ran out, my ideas stopped, and like I could just stare blankly at the computer screen with nothing to show for my time, that’s changing again. I’ve had more moments of creative flow, of massive downloads that I have to just make space to come in the moments they show up (like this post for instance!), and an excitement for what I’m creating. What a win worth celebrating! 

I’m sure there are more wins to share and I want to be better about taking the time to honor and celebrate in my wins. I hope this inspires you to do the same. Celebrate yourself because you deserve it! 

What are you celebrating yourself for today?