Creating a Tribe for Positive Thinking

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I am a huge believer in the power of positivity, in working to remain in a space of optimism and not allowing negativity to bring us down. But I also understand that we’re all fighting our own battles. It’s easy to forget that when we’re going through something and social media gives us that feeling like we are the only ones in that space. But we’re not the only ones; we’re not standing in the middle of a shit storm by ourselves, we are all dealing with something. So it got me thinking about how we can use this similarity between us (even if the exact circumstances are different) to form a connection and ultimately, lift each other up when we need it. Almost like a tribe for positive thinking and uplifting hearts.

So what does that actually mean? How does that look? I have a few ideas I want to share with you that I think can really make all the difference.


Be encouraging & understanding

It sounds so simple, right? You’ll see this whole list isn’t overly complicated. In fact, I think a positive thinking mindset is really a lot of common sense ideas but they’re super impactful and sometimes, we just need that reminder.

Lend a helping hand or listening ear

This doesn’t mean be pushy, but it does mean offer and let that friend know you’re there if they need you. Hold the space for them, ask them how you can support them, what do they need? I ask my friends sometimes if they’re looking for my advice/input or just looking for a safe place to vent, then I offer up what they need.

Lay off the gossip

This is hard sometimes, I won’t deny that. I swear it feels like there’s constantly temptation to participate in gossip but it doesn’t get you anywhere. In fact, it makes it worse, so lay off of it. You’ll thank me for this later. And if you find yourself in a situation where others are gossiping, don’t be shy to excuse yourself from the conversation and come back when the topic has changed.

Be positive & smile

It’s amazing what kind of impact a smile and a positive attitude can have, on you and the people around you. A grumpy attitude is contagious, but guess what? So is a smile. Don’t be afraid to give a stranger or a friend a smile when they need it.

Develop a gratitude practice

I love daily gratitude journaling. For me, this is a nightly exercise focusing on a few of the things from the day that really stuck out to me that I want to stop and take a moment to acknowledge. Even if you just start with 7 days as a challenge, I’m sure you’ll feel the difference it begins to make in your life and you’ll stick with the habit.

Keep your personal power

This may sound a bit weird, but remember there’s a balance and it’s very easy to get pulled into other’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors. Trust me on that. Know when you need to give yourself space, handle what you’re going through and speak up when you need support.

How do you lift each other up?

4 thoughts on “Creating a Tribe for Positive Thinking

  1. Sara

    I posted something about this on my Facebook last night, things I’m really grateful for. I’m actually severely depressed and while acknowledging all of the good around me does nothing for me in that way, I still do it because it’s not fair to the people who do good in my life. I want them to know that while I’m still sad, I’m happy because they really try. And sometimes trying is the best part.

  2. Beth

    Yes, yes, YES. I have been working hard on only surrounding myself with people who lift me up and it’s made a world of difference. And I desperately need to get back to my gratitude journaling.

  3. Eli@CoachDaddy

    I love this! I’m in. A smile is such a positive thing, and you might not even realize how powerful. For Father’s Day, my oldest wrote the sweetest post on Instagram to me. She mentioned the power of the smile and making friends where ever we go.

    That it resonated with her meant so much to me.

    My morning meditation today centered around kindness. I failed in traffic today, but am bound and determined to make better on it the rest of the day.

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