Creating Your Perfect Morning Routine

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It feels like everyone is talking about their perfect morning routine lately. I’ve even done a post on my morning routine and while I do believe in the power of a strong routine, both first thing in the morning and before bed, I think it’s also important to talk about how my perfect morning routine isn’t going to look the same as yours. They’re going to differ and that’s actually a very good thing. But how do we go about finding what our personalized mornings need to look like? And how do we make these things a reality? That’s what I’m here for today. 

There are four main steps when it comes to setting yourself up. I’ll start by sharing them below and then we’ll go deeper into each one at a time.
-What do you need in the morning?
-What is your why for doing this?
-Make it a habit
-Adjust as needed


What do you need in the morning?

I like to break this one down further into three things: something to prepare for your day, something that’s important to you, something that makes you happy. You may have things that fit into multiple categories, but I like to make sure I’m hitting each one. If you looked at my morning routine, you’ll notice I hit each one. I meditate (something to prepare for my day), I workout (something that’s important to me), and I drink coffee (something that makes me happy). I also make sure to take care of my dog because I want to keep him around, but I hit each of those main points.

What is your why for doing this?

Knowing WHY you’re doing something is important because it gives you that something to come back to when you want to give up or stop waking up an extra 15 minutes early to get everything in before work. This why may look a bit different for everyone but for me, it’s all about wanting to be my healthiest on the inside and out. I know that when I’m doing these things, I am more confident, calm, and I show up better in my everyday.

Make it a habit

I think we’ve all heard time and time again that it takes 21 days to form a habit, but I’ve been seeing several articles lately saying it’s not that straight forward. 66 days has come up as another potential timeframe, but ultimately, we are all unique individuals and it may take 21 days for me, 66 days for you, and 80 days for your best friend. What is the same though for each of us, is that it takes committing to the process and allowing each of us that time to actually make it happen. 

Adjust as needed

While I’m not saying to give up on your morning routine, I am saying that we have to be open to making those small adjustments. If something isn’t working, be open to changing something to see if it becomes a better fit. While I enjoy my workouts happening in the morning, sometimes that’s just not going to happen and I have to be open to making them happen in the afternoon. Somedays my morning meditation is 10-15 minutes, other days it can’t be longer than 5. Maybe you find meditation at night is better for you in the morning. Maybe you like starting your morning with a long walk with your dog versus that long walk happening after work.

It takes some trial and error to find and make your perfect morning routine work best for you, but I truly believe that once you figure it out, it’s a huge game changer. 

Do you have a morning routine? What does it consist of?

4 thoughts on “Creating Your Perfect Morning Routine

  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    Morning routines are so critical to getting off to the right start! Case in point: I had a horrible morning routine today (even though I started with meditation) and my day has been a struggle to find balance again. But this is good – in the long run, it teaches me the impact a morning routine has.

    I’m thankful that you wrote about it, too!

  2. Rachel Morse

    My husband is an advocate for the “Miracle Morning” and I have to admit, it has changed him. He could never get out of bed! I think I’m similar to you…start with prayer, then a workout, then breakfast with the fam. Great set up for the day.

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