Cupcake Photo Shoot

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I had a cupcake photo shoot last yesterday.  It was kind of awesome.  The cupcakes that I got from the Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica were so delicious, I couldn’t help myself.  This is when the “foodie” in me can’t help myself.  I thought you all may enjoy the pictures and delicious cupcakes too!
I got three different flavors: Mint Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate, Mom’s Birthday Cake

Mint Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Cake, Creamy White Mint Frosting, Semi Sweet Callebaut Chocolate Chips

Mocha Chocolate: Dark Chocolate Cake, Creamy Mocha Frosting, Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean

Mom’s Birthday Cake: All American Yellow Cake, Milk Chocolate Frosting (+ a colored candy flower on top)

I have to tell you I think my favorite was the Mocha Chocolate.  I really wanted one of the cupcakes with a “vanilla bean cake” as I’m generally not a huge fan of chocolate cake, but I did really like the chocolate cake in these.  I ate the Mocha one when I brought them home and stuck the other two in the fridge because I didn’t want the frosting to get too melty.  I think before I ate them later I needed to take them out of the fridge for a bit to “thaw” back out a bit.  But they were all really delicious and I was left with a way too full sugar stomach ache.  Oops…

And I’m playing around with different collage-making and photo editing apps on my phone so here’s just some fun that I had playing around last night. 🙂

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