Daddy’s Little Girls

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This post is later than I wanted it to be, but life happened and somehow kept me from the things I really wanted to do.  But the good news is that I think I’m over the cold and now just onto allergies that make it nearly impossible for me to get in a good run outside as the pollen seems to be too much for my lungs to bear.  Or maybe we’re beginning a pattern of only being able to run outside in LA every other year, which is a shame when you live in a city that’s generally a fair temperature most of the year…
Anyway, yesterday was Father’s Day and I hope all of you out there called your father’s if you could.  I called my dad for a little chat while on my lunch break at work, so as to not disturb his evening or lose track of time and call too late.  I was happy to hear that he got his card announcing his gift and I’m happy to announce his gift arrived to my apartment today! 

My dad’s favorite baseball team is the St. Louis Cardinals and I don’t know the last time he went to a baseball game (let alone got to see his favorite team).  With a little bit of research later, we found the perfect game!  Living in a Chicago suburb, we’re lucky to have a few park options and it turned out the Cardinals would be playing the Milwaukee Brewers (in Milwaukee) while my sister would be in town and since we’ve been playing the “when should/can Katie come home for a visit game?” this was the perfect excuse to lock down this date.  So my lucky dad, will get to have all 3 of his girls (me, my sister and my mom) take him to a baseball game!  I hope he’s excited as we are about it! 🙂
Aside from that, I hope he also knows how deserving he is of this gift!  My parents work so hard supporting this entire family (not only their daughters but extended family as well), that it’s just impossible to fully describe to someone how amazing they really are.
I have a dad who not only loves his daughters, but would do just about anything for us!  He’s definitely a backbone of knowledge and support for our family, and while he may sometimes seem a little scary, secretly, he’s just a teddy bear!  He’s smart and hard-working and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to express how proud I am of him for choosing to go back to school.  I wish nothing but health and continued happiness for him, and I look forward to the day when he walks me down the aisle.  I could go on, but instead I’ll just leave you with some pictures.

Daddy’s little girls back in the DAY
High School graduation day
College graduation day
I’m reminded everyday how few pictures I have out here in LA, especially of my family, especially some of the super old ones that would be way adorable and possible super embarrassing for me, but these will have to do.

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