Daily Aspire…Coming January 2016!

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I’ve been hinting for some time that I had a project in the works. I’m happy to say that I’m finally ready (and so excited) to share the details with you!


Let me introduce to you DailyAspire.com.

Officially launching January 1st, 2016.


So what is Daily Aspire?

You can read a more detailed breakdown and see the daily theme schedule on the website, but Daily Aspire is a daily journal prompt website. It’s your inspiration, focus, and tool to manifest the dreams and life that stands before you.

I have spent a great deal of time gathering questions and quotes and prompts, re-working and categorizing them in a way that I believe is most beneficial.

They always say one of the habits of highly successful people is morning journaling. And while I don’t care if your time is in the morning with a cup of coffee or at night once the kids have gone to bed, it’s the practice that is important.

What does that mean for Talk Less, Say More?

Nothing. These two sites are different and while they both support living a healthy lifestyle, they will be kept separate (though for now all social channels, except Facebook, will be shared) with different content and purposes. Of course I hope you like them both and choose to follow both… 😉

I am so excited and proud of what is to come with this site, but in order for it grow and really make an impact, I need your help spreading it’s message. Won’t you please share this post, like Daily Aspire on Facebook and tell your friends? Your support is so appreciated!

 If you want to stay up to date on the Daily Aspire launch and future emails, be sure to sign up for the email list below!

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23 thoughts on “Daily Aspire…Coming January 2016!

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  2. Ali

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! What a great tool for yourself and others. How do I get notified when it’s up and running?

    1. Katie Post author

      Oh my gosh, how did I forget that?! haha! I’ve added the email sign up now so you can stay up to date there. Also the Facebook page will get updates too. Thanks for the support! 🙂

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