Dairy-Free Fat Fueled Coffee

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I can still remember the first time I heard about it, I was working at a local mom and pop coffee shop shortly after moving back to Illinois from Los Angeles and someone handed me his reusable coffee mug and as I started filling it with coffee, I saw something floating and freaked out. I think I dumped it out, thinking it was something that came from the coffee pot, only to find out after that he had put butter in his coffee. Butter. In his coffee. Bleck! I was disgusted. Aside from the fact that this lactose intolerant girl can’t have butter and prefers black coffee, I just didn’t understand the point. Does cream not do it for you? Fast forward 4-5 years and I start my morning with a fat-filled coffee. Funny how that works. I don’t follow the “traditional” Bulletproof coffee recipe (see video below) because of that lactose intolerance but over the last month or two as I’ve started playing around with this method, I’ve found the variation that works for me, that I love, and makes me feel great.


Ingredients 1 tbsp MCT oil – I use this one 1 tbsp full fat canned coconut milk – I use this one  1 cup fresh brewed coffee of choice Instructions Put all ingredients in a mug (leave a little room at the top) and blend using a milk frother. Note: You can make it in your blender, of course, but I will often just use a milk frother (I use THIS one)

I get that this may not be for everyone and admittedly, I was a skeptic for years, but here are some of the immediate benefits I noticed:

  • Satiety – This makes sense of course because of the extra fat, but it’s been amazing. I don’t get that 9:30/10am hit of hunger. In fact, most days, I’m even eating lunch later.
  • Improved Focus – Because I’m not constantly trying to ignore my mid-morning hunger, I’m able to get into a better zone at work and focus on that instead of if it’s snack time yet.
  • Increased Energy – Even though I was waking up with energy, I was finding myself hitting a wall on the drive to work; my eyelids would get heavy and I would find myself wishing for a nap. When I started adding this into my morning routine, I immediately noticed that I wasn’t having that droopy feeling on my drive in.

[ctt title=”A dairy-free version of the popular bulletproof coffee! ” tweet=”A dairy-free version of the popular bulletproof coffee! https://wp.me/p2vQc1-38g” coverup=”62dz9″]

I will note that because I love coffee, I do have a second cup of plain black coffee after my fat-filled version. I pour it into my travel mug and bring it work with me, but I don’t usually crack into it until about 9am vs. the immediate need after feeling like a nap after my drive. I get this may not be for everyone, but I’m definitely a believer and love having it be a part of my morning routine. As long as it keeps working for me, I plan to keep including it. Note: I do not plan to make this a food blog by any means, but since the food we eat is a part of a healthy lifestyle, I do intend to share some of my favorite healthy recipes. 🙂