Day 1 – Love Flow

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I can’t promise you that I’ll blog about each day’s yoga session, as I fear I’d bore you or annoy you, but I do promise I’ll do yoga each day for the next 30 days.  And if I don’t, I’ll tell you (as I better have a good reason for it!) and I’ll probably fill you in on a few of my classes too.
A couple weeks ago, I bought a deal through Living Social for The Yoga Collective which is on the Promenade in Santa Monica.  Since I work nearby and it’s not super far from home, it’s perfect for me to be able to fit into my schedule (before/after work, days off, etc).  I went to a Thanksgiving session with Justine in the fall when they used to be called YogaCo and were all donation based.  They’re no longer donation based so this deal was perfect timing!
I have been browsing their schedule for the last week or so and figuring out which classes catch my interest.  In no way am I an advanced yogi; I’m sure I fall into level 1/2 beginner/intermediate.  There was a class this evening called “Love Flow” listed as “all levels” – generally this means I’m going to struggle a bit but should be able to make it through.  It was actually right up my skill level!  And it wasn’t super slow or fast – right at my pace.  The class only had about 7 people and it made for a great environment and experience.  It also meant more personalized attention so if something was off, you knew Ciara would be over to help you fix it.  And if you were doing well, she’d let you know too.  It was empowering.
I’m not one for a lot of chanting and “om”s and while we ended this class with a chant, it was short and felt powerful.  I left with a smile on my face, sweat dripping off my forehead and feeling optimistic for the month of yoga I have ahead of me.
I often get really nervous before yoga classes.  I’ve never quite been able to figure it out, but I do.  I think part of it is the unknown of the class ahead – will I be able to do this class?  will it be too advanced for me? will I embarrass myself when everyone can do a pose but I can’t? will this class be too fast? too slow? too many chants?  But either way, the ambiance, support and energy when you enter the room and begin the flow, it suddenly all melts away.  I’m there to learn and improve my yoga practice.  No one expects me to be perfect, just to try.  It’s a beautiful thing.
And while I know I’ll probably get a little nervous before I enter tomorrow’s yoga practice, right now I am so excited I can’t decide on which class I want to take! 
30 Day Yoga Challenge Day 1 – SUCCESS!!
I know this was short notice, but did anyone decide to join me? 

Yes, I was doing this this evening – Shoulder Stand Pose : Source