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I always love doing day in the life posts, especially when it feels like no two days are ever the same. On Friday last week I took note of my day…man, it was a long one!

4:30am – Alarm goes off. Thank goodness for my snooze tips as it’s slowly getting easier to break that habit, but this morning I do hit it but only once.

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4:45am – Check email, texts and social media notifications on my phone that I missed while I was sleeping (I feel like this is a ridiculous habit that I need to break…it can wait a few minutes).

5:10am – Crawl out of bed, change for yoga, brush my teeth and grab my laptop. I pull that day’s blog post and Daily Aspire post and schedule for Facebook later in the morning and share the posts in various Facebook groups.

5:35am – Put computer down, grab sweatshirt and put on my boots (they’re easy to slip on/off before/after yoga) and head out the door. My car needs a little scraping this morning as we seem to be in a cool off time again.

5:50pm – Pull up to the studio, grab my mat and head inside. The heater wasn’t working yesterday but it is again and I’m very excited for a warm, sweaty flow. Since I have a few minutes, I lightly stretch and then allow myself to sit still and meditate before class on my mat.

6:00am – Yoga starts. Today’s class was very balance heavy and I was definitely challenged at times but it felt good. My left hip seemed to be giving me some trouble and some of the transitions were difficult but I made it work.

7:00am – Savassana always seems to end way too soon and while I’d love to lay here an extra few minutes, I know I need to get home so I sit up, wipe some of the extra sweat off my face with the lavender towel, roll up my mat and make my way home.

7:15am – Home and time to get ready for the day. Shower, change, hair, and makeup. As soon as I get out of the shower, I walk over to the coffee maker and press start. I prepped it the night before I love myself for that every single day.

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7:40am – Breakfast time! This morning I had some of my dad’s famous no-oatmeal with a banana and almond butter with my coffee. It’s delicious and totally hits the spot! I check social media and read a few blogs while I eat breakfast.

8:10am – Time to go! I made my lunch the night before but if I haven’t already, I throw it in my lunch bag, put that in my work bag and head out the door.

8:40am – Arrive to work, clock-in, check email and write out my to-do list for the day. My flow is pretty much the same each day (check post performances across each page, schedule new content and engagements, find new content ideas, write articles, and manage crowdsource content for my pages.)

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1:00pm – I had a snack of some pumpkin bread mid-morning (10:30 maybe? I forgot to make note) and am finally ready for lunch. Today it’s a rice blend with chickpeas and spinach. It’s nothing super special but it hits the spot today. I don’t often eat a lot of grains but when I do, it’s always gluten free!

2:00pm – I have my meeting to discuss new content ideas. It’s pretty straightforward and we’re done in 15 minutes.

2:30pm – Time for more coffee. My sweet tooth is also acting up so I grab a larabar to have with it and get back to work.

4:00pm – On this particular day I have another meeting. Don’t ask me who schedules a meeting at 4pm on a Friday afternoon (someone in a different time zone, that’s who) but my homemade kombucha is definitely making the whole thing a bit easier. 😉

5:00pm – Work day is over. I grab my stuff and head home. I have to work at my second job tonight, so I hurry home.

5:30pm – Home from work, check the mail and head inside. Dinner tonight is a spinach omelette. I have just enough time to cook it, gobble it down, change and head out the door to work.

6:00pm – Work at second job. This is the moment I become extra thankful for choosing a part time thing that is RIGHT near my apartment. I can walk if I want but on weekdays I always drive since the turn around between places is so tight.


9:20pm – Home from job #2. Sip magnesium, eat WB kitchen cookies and watch some Gilmore Girls.

11:00pm – Bed time! A little later than normal but sometimes it takes awhile to calm down from work and this was just one of those nights.

15 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

  1. Tracey

    Forever jealous of morning people like you 🙂
    Also, you go to bed at 11 and wake up at 4:30?! How are you alive?!
    Admire your work ethic and drive, darling. Much love.

  2. Neely

    I have been thinking about doing a post like this! So fun to see a peak into the life of someone 🙂

  3. Rowan

    A day in the life of you has made me jealous! I need to sort my routine out – a pre 7.30am wake up is my dream – I love a good lay in, but I want to be more productive – you’ve inspired me..!
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  4. Victoria

    I use to get up at 5a, so I retired so I didn’t have to do it anymore. lol I have thought of blogging on a day in my life. I like how you did this.

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