December 2017 Goals

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As it seems to happen every month, this past month flew by. It’s crazy to think we’re already in the final month of 2017. I’m not about to start reflecting on the year just yet, but it’s crazy to think of everything that has happened and how I really feel like I’m continuing to set myself and my future up for great things. But like I said, I’m not jumping there just yet.

I do want to take a few minutes though to reflect on this past month and the goals that I set forth for the month of November, see how they went and what I’m hoping to achieve now that December has arrived.

I say this every month, but it’s crazy to think we’re already in November! The next two months are bound to be extra busy with my full-time job, a potential work trip to Seattle, yoga teacher training, a few events to attend with the boy, and then holiday season kicking into high gear (in my personal life and the potential extra hours at work). I’m not complaining as I am actually looking forward to every single thing on my calendar this month, but I definitely have to make sure to prioritize self care  so I can be at my healthiest and enjoy every moment and event.

To begin with, here were my goals for November:

1 – Complete 30 days of yoga 

This didn’t quite happen as there were a few days I didn’t practice, but there were plenty of days that I practiced more than once so chances are it would actually even itself out.

2 – Save money / pay off debt

While I didn’t make as big of a dent as I would have liked, it’s always nice to feel like you’re making some progress, which I did. I had to buy flights and lodging for my friend’s wedding in December which ended up being quite a bit more than I was hoping it would pan out. I’m very much looking forward to that trip though so I’m not complaining. I just need to keep chugging away.

3 – Get ahead on blogging

This didn’t really happen either. haha My content calendar is filled out which always feels nice, but I haven’t gotten ahead any more than just the week ahead.

4 – Grow Instagram to 1800 

This didn’t happen either, but I am getting closer. Obviously my schedule is packed and I’m also trying to enjoy life so I just don’t think I’ve been as active as I should be to actually see the growth. It’s a work in progress.

5 – Read 2 books

Check! I actually read 3 or 4, I believe. The last week of November I was busy splitting my time doing my normal job at work and helping our warehouse staff pick orders since they are understaffed. This means walking around for hours listening to audiobooks and I finished 2 books this week alone.

Now as for what I’m hoping to work on this month:

1 – Travel

I have a couple trips planned so this is kind of cheating, but I’m including it anyway because it’s not every month that one gets to break outside of their home and see more parts of the world and/or country.

2 – Find time for self care

In whatever capacity this looks like: yoga, reading, lounging watching Netflix, etc.

3 – Get ahead on blogging

Fingers crossed this will be my month.

4 – Read 2 books

Audiobooks or paperback, I just love to have this kind of goal to keep me learning, growing and using my brain.

5 – Spend time with friends

This is another kind of cheat as there are a few friend dates on the calendar, but tis the season!

What are some of your goals for December?