December 2018 Goals

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I feel like every month I start by saying that I can’t believe it’s a new month, but of course, that’s how it feels again. The holidays are here and in full swing. We’re working on getting gifts for everyone on our list, coming up with goals for the new year, and trying to get everything wrapped up with the year finishing. I’m setting some pretty lofty goals for my 2019 and I’m determined to make it MY year, the year where my dreams are no longer waiting for me to pursue them, but the year when they really start taking shape and coming together.

But before I get ahead of myself we have one more month left of 2018 and November’s goals to look back on. Let’s see how I did…

November 2018 Goals

  1. Write my book Check! I mean, it’s not done but I’ve been consistent about setting a weekly writing date for myself so words are hitting the page. There’s still a long way to go but it’s happening.
  2. Find my purpose & passion Umm…I’m not sure. I think I’m getting a clearer idea of what it isn’t and leaning more towards certain things. I’m feeling some direction to pursue but there’s still work to be done to get all the way there.
  3. Practice a month of self-care Yes! This was so important to me to do. While I do a lot of these things already, this month was more about appreciating those moments in a way that maybe I hadn’t in awhile.
  4. Renew my personal yoga practice I’m so happy to say I did this. I’ve been going a couple times a week and it feels nice to be the student again and definitely helps inspire my teaching too.
  5. Read 3 books Check! In fact, I’ve been feeling myself listening to less podcasts this month and more audiobooks so I actually read 11 books! (It would have been 12 but I broke my phone before I could finish that last one…womp womp) I’m also REALLY trying to hit my reading goal for the year and I had a lot of room to make up! ha!
  6. Stick to my budget and pay down debt Honestly? This wasn’t my best month. I did really well in some areas of my budget and not so well in others. Determined to make December better though.
  7. Begin recording yoga videos I didn’t actually begin recording anything but I am happy to say I have a list started of what I want to do and set up a space in my apartment that will hopefully be a good space to record.


December 2018 Goals

  1. Get my budget back on track and finish the year strong + set up realistic 2019 budget
  2. Cut back on social media (screen restriction from 9:00pm-6:30am)
  3. Read 10 books (this will ensure I hit my goal for the year)
  4. Follow my fitness plan
  5. Set weekly writing date with myself despite the busy holiday season
  6. Get my personal website set back up as a “hub”
  7. Set up YouTube channel

What are your goals for December? Are you planning for 2019 already too?

14 thoughts on “December 2018 Goals

  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I really need to figure out my goals for the new year. I definitely want to get back into my fiction writing. I kept saying it this year, and it just never really happened. Great job on your November goals. Go you with all the reading!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…2018 Holiday Bucket ListMy Profile

  2. Beth

    You did a great job with your goals for the month! Finishing your book? Awesome! Practicing a month of self care? Even better!! You’ve got some good goals for December. I hope it all goes well and sets you up for a fantastic 2019!

    1. Katie Post author

      I don’t think I’ll finish the book this month, but at least it’s been STARTED and I’m committing to working on it each week!

  3. Anthea

    Well done on practicing self care during November! Always a good idea but especially this time of year when things can be extra busy.

    I’m also hoping to get to my book goal by the 31st December (I’ve got 4 books to go).
    Good luck with your December goals and hope this month is a great one for you.
    Anthea recently posted…December mantras and goalsMy Profile

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