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It got cold in Chicago (and most of the rest of the country!) on Monday.  Apparently we were in a “Polar Vortex” whatever that means…but with a high of -11 with a -35 windchill (at one point I checked the temp and it was -45 windchill!) schools all around the area were closed (many closed Tuesday, as well), businesses were either closed or closed early and poor puppies around the area hoping they could “hold it” until the temps warmed up. Clearly, I had no intent of going outside for anything.


Thankfully we knew this was coming and I started thinking ahead to my workout. After taking a couple days off already, I knew I wanted to do something that would keep me active, get my heart rate up and break a bit of a sweat. But the kicker was that it had to be something I could do from the comfort of my (as warm as it could get) home. And that’s how today’s Deck-of-Cards Workout was born.


I’ve done deck of cards workouts before and loved them. Not only do they keep things interesting, but they’re fun and can be done free of equipment. I’ve offered a few options for an added challenge, if you’re looking for it. I thought about using my 8lb medicine ball during the squats but after a ton of lunges the day before, my butt asked me to skip it, so I did. 😉


We all love to hate Burpees so of course, I had to find a place to throw a few of those in there too. (I’m trying to figure out if I can work up to my Burpee Ab Shred again…what was I thinking when I made that?!)


So whether you’re looking for a workout to take with you while traveling (all you need is a deck of cards!), something you can do from home or just something to change up your usual gym routine (I have been known to bring cards with me to the gym!), I hope you’ll give this a try.


What are your favorite from-home workouts?

6 thoughts on “Deck of Cards Workout

    1. admin Post author

      Of course you could! I’m not going to say it’s EASY but it’s super fun and you could definitely make it through!

  1. Lee

    I too have a done a deck of cards workout, but it was with weights. I love that this can be done at home! Also- I am a huge fan of not knowing what’s next. Those high cards are KILLER. Pinning.

    1. admin Post author

      Thankfully we’re on the up-swing. We finally broke into single digits (above zero!) for a few hours yesterday and today we hit 20, I believe! WHOO!

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