Design Changes & Jimmy Eat World

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You may or may not have noticed a few changes to the blog lately…it’s okay, I’ll give you a minute to look around…

TLSM header

Over the last few weeks I’ve been making a few layout changes, improvements, enhancements, whatever you’d like to call them. They haven’t been super drastic and they’ve been (and will continue) to come slowly. I’m my own graphic and web designer so things may take a little longer, but I must admit, I”m awfully proud of myself for digging my hands into the HTML and not messing anything up. 😉


While I’m sure your Saturday nights are a bit more exciting, mine consist of me sitting on my bed, music playing in the background, and my head in my computer as I wade through HTML code in WordPress and hit refresh on the blog every time I make a change trying to make sure the change I made was the change I thought I was making (or sometimes finding out it wasn’t what I thought I was changing but it was a change I’d want to make anyway-did that even make sense?). Oh you web designers, I give you major props…

Anyway, my friend Justine is a major Jimmy Eat World fan and she’s had a few posts pop up on my Facebook feed this week so I decided to bring back an old favorite. As I’ve been working on blog stuff, writing, planning or just trying to relax, this week’s music pick has been Jimmy Eat World. It’s nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it’s not great, am I right?

What were you listening to this week?

What do you think of the new design?

6 thoughts on “Design Changes & Jimmy Eat World

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