Does this dress make me look fat?

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IMG_3568Don’t answer that.


I wasn’t going to post today, at least not more than the Motivation In March quote when THIS happened…

IGI’ve blurred out the name of the person who wrote the comment out of respect. A respect that they didn’t have when they opened their mouth.


I know this is something that women get asked everyday but yesterday was the first time it’s happened to me. And I’ll be honest, it feels like shit. Straight up SHIT. (Sorry Mom, no filter today!)


I was having a great Friday – got in a workout, spent some time working from Starbucks,  delicious lunch at home, and a free iced coffee I was enjoying while taking a work break to walk around my neighborhood. I took a quick glance at Instagram and had to do a double take. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing…

IMG_3584That was the outfit I wore to my cousin’s rehearsal dinner last weekend and it was an outfit that I felt GREAT in. And when I followed it up with this killer red dress for the wedding on Saturday, I was feeling gorgeous! …until this moment.


Now don’t get me wrong. I KNOW I don’t look pregnant, fat or anything of the sort BUT that doesn’t make those words hurt any less.

WHY is it that people think that’s an OK question to ask someone?

WHY is it that even as women we feel it’s OK to ask?

WHY is it that women feel it necessary to bring other women down?

I’m not going to say that was this girls motive because I don’t know what her motive was and I don’t know why she thought that was appropriate to ask me. I would love to sit here and say her comment didn’t get to me, but it did.


As I finished walking home I found myself fighting back the tears. I was texting with a few friends and reminding myself of how healthy, happy and beautiful I am. I was reminding myself not to let one person’s stupid comment affect me. But I will be honest, once I got home, put my coffee down and took off my sunglasses, I shed a few tears. My heart was hurting. But not just for me, for any woman who has ever been asked that question and felt like SHIT after.


With that, here’s a PSA friends…

There’s no more fitting quote for today…


Have you ever been asked that question before?

How did you respond?

21 thoughts on “Does this dress make me look fat?

  1. Emily G

    I swear people don’t have manners anymore…I am pregnant and it doesn’t get any better 🙂 It’s amazing the number of strangers that ask if you’re having twins or if you’re due next week, ect. Mind you I am measuring right on track! Also doesn’t end after you have the baby…had a friend who’s chiroprator (that she saw throughout her pregnancy) asked her 3 weeks after the baby when she was due. Her response “Due with what?” He felt like a complete tool. Should have asked her “Expecting what?” (answer: an apology!) 🙂

  2. Cori @olivetorun

    You’re not alone my dear… I’ve been asked recently too. As much as it sucks I tried to keep in mind that it would suck more to be the person asking… not only do they look like a jerk but they look like a stupid jerk. 🙂

  3. lindsay

    oh words, they can either encourage or discourage. Unfortunately, that person definitely did the later and must be blind! You are smart to IGNORE it. Yes, it still stings but you know the truth—> YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. inside and out

  4. Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut

    I hope you feel better writing it out!! I tried to do my little part ( <3 ), but writing usually helps A LOT in these types of situations.

    Again…wtf. You look awesome and I kept staring at the picture to figure out why she would even ask that but all I came up with was the way you were standing. Even so…just…who asks something like that?? Especially when she could have insta-stalked you to see other pictures or a pregnancy announcement!

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks, girl! When I saw you did that, I couldn’t help but giggle. I should know you’d have my back (and I too, have yours!)

  5. Katie

    I’ve had that happen (and it sucks) but I just usually give them a “hell no” and stare them down, I think they get the point that they are the jerk in the situation. I had a dress that had a cut similar to your skirt and I ended up donating it because I didn’t like the added dimension, but the pictures you posted in the weekend recap with the red dress you looked fabulous! Don’t let that one weirdo bring you down.

  6. Meg @ A Dash of Meg

    I LOVE THE QUOTE! I was curious as to what the quote would be today since I knew the topic of the post <3

    Well, babe… I think EVERY woman would cry if they were asked that. So don't be upset with yourself for not letting it get to me. It would get to ALL of us. Except the pregnant woman 😉 OBVIOUSLY. I am so proud of you for getting your feelings out there. And I know you know you're beautiful and strong and fit and everything else I reminded you of yesterday, but I just want to remind you again…. you're beautiful and some people just have no filter 🙂

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