Don’t Cheat Yourself in Your Workouts

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I got to thinking about something the other day…I was working out to one of the Tone It Up videos when Katrina made a call out along these lines…

“Don’t listen to yourself, talk to yourself.”

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If you’re confused, she means, don’t listen to the (negative) thoughts in your head and instead talk (positive) to yourself. So when you’re doing a minute of squat jumps and the thought pops in your head “I can’t do this, I can’t do this,” you stop, choose not to listen and instead tell yourself, “I can do this, it’s only a minute.”

It sounds so simple and while in the moment, yes, it will be hard, but  it’s so powerful!

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When I was going to CrossFit, I had this built in community of people who were not only holding me accountable, but who were constantly cheering me on and encouraging me. It would be so easy to see everyone finishing before me and want to cut a few reps here or there to finish sooner, but the only person I would be cheating in that moment would be myself. Plus, you have people screaming “come on, Katie, you got this!” and suddenly those words are able to over take the others and you finish the workout.

I’m not currently going to CrossFit (though I do miss it!), but I have been able to carry over this mentality and the reminder that in the moments I find myself saying “I can’t do another rep” or “I can’t keep going,” I have the power to switch my thoughts to “just one more rep” or “it’s only one minute.”

Remember that “you have the power to change your life?” the same goes for your thoughts, whether that be in fitness, health, life, work, etc..

Don’t cheat yourself because you’re filling your head with negative thoughts. If you want to see results, then you need to do the work and change your mentality!

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What do you say to yourself when you’re working out and want to keep going?

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23 thoughts on “Don’t Cheat Yourself in Your Workouts

  1. Emily Weir

    I’m so guilty of this! It is such an easy mindset to slip into, especially when no one in your crowded gym knows what work you’ve done and it will go unnoticed if you quit early.

  2. Jennifer @ Fit Nana

    Love this. Changing your mentality is SO important when you have goals to achieve. The saying is that we’re always our own worst critics and that is so true. There’s no point in criticizing!

  3. Kiara Catanzaro

    I completely agree! This is so important if you want to see results in your workouts consistently.

  4. Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating

    I know exactly what video you’re talking about! The TIU slay HIIT, right? I use TIU videos all the time – actually for most of my home workouts. And I agree, it’s very powerful to talk to yourself during the exercise to encourage positive and kickass thinking.

  5. Brie @ Lean, Clean, & Brie

    I only went to CrossFit once, but the biggest thing that I took away from it was the power of a community of supportive people. Having those people cheering me on and telling me I can do it, taught me that I can do it and gave me that confidence in myself to keep going and not give up. It can be hard to build that confidence, but when you change that mentality of saying I can’t and saying I can instead makes all the difference!
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  6. emily

    This is spot-on! It’s so much more encouraging and empowering when you tell yourself to push through. Love the post!

    xx emily

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