Don’t Hate The Burpee, Embrace The Burpee

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Yesterday I briefly mentioned that I had a pretty productive weekend and man, oh man, did I ever! Between some amazing workouts, errands, food prep, posts for the whole week for 2 different blogs, cleaning the apartment and a few other various tasks and projects, I’m pleased with how I spent my weekend and proud of what I have to show for it!

With all that said, I mentioned a couple small changes that happened to the blog over the weekend. More specifically, the addition of my new “Store” in the menu! There’s a few different components…

Fitness Apparel & Accessories

Guys, this is the BIG one! I’ve wanted to make t-shirts of some sort for awhile and I’m finally biting the bullet! Well, outside of 50 States In A Year t-shirts, that is. (Side note, if you do want one of those, I have several.)

I’m working with Spreadshirt so products are produced on an as purchased basis versus me having to carry inventory and handle shipping myself. (There’s no time for that!)

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Right now there is one design “Don’t hate the burpee, embrace the burpee” and it’s available in Men’s and Women’s t-shirts and tank tops, as well as a water bottle. I hope to add more designs as I see how things play out but I’m so excited about this!

Amazon Favorites

This has been there awhile but was “A Few of My Favorite Things” and includes various books, exercise equipment, supplements and protein powders that I love and are available on Amazon. I get a small affiliate fee from these and I plan to keep adding more to this too, so definitely keep checking back if you’re ever interested in what some of my favorite products are!

Side note: today is PRIME day. You’re welcome!


I haven’t been talking much about Advocare lately, but I am still a rep and happy to answer any questions you may have or if you’re just interested in getting some Spark, then now you know where to go for the goods. 😉

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I never want to be one of those bloggers where my readers are left feeling like I’m constantly asking for money or only into blogging for the money. With that said, blogging does cost me money as well as help pay a few bills from time to time, so I always appreciate the support.

What are some of your favorite items from Amazon?

What saying would you want printed on a t-shirt? (I’ll see what I can do!)

Spark fan?

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