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I believe I left off on our road trip from Boston to NYC and my ever so delicious iced coffee from Marylou’s.

We left Boston on 4th of July and got to my friend’s place in Jersey City mid afternoon after dropping off our rental car.  It was crazy hot out but we decided to walk down to the water front and then make our way to a nearby bar to grab a beer from their roof top deck.

After our beers, some pizza (cheese-less for me), we made our way to my other friend’s house to watch the fire works from his roof.  Turns out you can get a near perfect view of the NYC fireworks and a 360-degree view of fireworks taking place in nearby cities.

The next morning we made our way into the city and started off with breakfast at Serendipity with several friends.  We had a good time and ate lots of good food.  By the time we were finished eating we were so full we needed to walk it off a bit, so Amy and I made our way to Central Park (stopping by the 5th Ave Apple Store – nerds).

And in case you’re ever looking for it, we found the road to happiness:

After a little more walking, we made our way to Grand Central to see one of our friends / old managers right as he was getting off work for the day so we could grab dinner.

 We had a great time hearing about his move from LA to NYC, catching up, reminiscing and overall just having a lovely time.

By the time we got back to Jersey City that night, we were exhausted and just crashed so we could wake up and do the same thing the next day.  And we did.  There was more amazing food.

More walking through the Upper East Side and Central Park.

More visiting of Apple Stores.  (Nerds.)

And then the hopes of winning a lottery for tickets to see Wicked.  We didn’t get them but after we realized we lost, we both had a bit of relief as we were ready to grab some dinner and crash.  And that’s just what we did.

Our time in NYC absolutely flew by and was packed with lots of delicious food and good friends.  Scratch that.  Our entire trip absolutely flew by and was packed with lots of delicious food, good friends and great memories.  I think Amy and I are both struggling to come back to the “real” world and hoping to make our way back east again soon.

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9 thoughts on “East Coast Revival // NYC

  1. Julie

    Ahhh I would love to go to New York! I’ve never been. Sounds like an amazing trip though! And thank goodness you found that road to happiness. I’ve been looking for it. 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Funny thing is, Chobani posted a similar picture that was taken somewhere in Hollywood, I think? I guess we don’t have to go to NYC to find it, though I still highly recommend it! 😉

  2. jessie

    I’m beyond jealous that you went to Serendipity. I’ve alwaysss wanted to go there… please tell me it’s just as delicious as everyone says?? Okay dumb question, of course it is!!

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