Enjoying the Journey

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I sit here on a cloudy Sunday morning, drinking my coffee in the corner chair of our living room. The house is quiet as my roommate is still sleeping. I’m looking back on the weekend I’ve had so far, filled with such a large range of emotions. I turn on a little music to break the silence.

10347227_10100220182793919_7126760802574675028_nSince I re-discovered Angus & Julia Stone this past week after seeing the deluxe version of their new album came out, I turn that on. I first listened to the oldie but still a goodie “Big Jet Plane”..



As Spotify played song after song, the quiet, calming music took me through the morning. Almost like riding a wave or sitting in a hammock, rocking back and forth. Sipping my coffee, eyes closed and reflecting on what’s happened, what’s to come and just allowing myself to enjoy the journey.



This was the first Sunday in many (many many many many) months that I didn’t wake up before the sun to fuel and set out for a long run. The quiet morning and the gray sky set the perfect tone to just rest, relax and reflect.



There’s big things coming in my life. Big changes, both exciting and scary. I’m a mix of emotions but I know this is right. That’s why I follow my gut.


I’m going to leave you hanging but I’ll share more as the week progresses… 😉


How was your weekend?

What are you listening to to start your day?

5 thoughts on “Enjoying the Journey

  1. Tina Muir

    Sounds like something big is coming, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy this peaceful moments.I look forward to your news, I am also undergoing big changes, and it is overwhelming, but something great is on the other side, so trust that the path will unfold before you….at least thats what i tell myself 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      Something big has come! 😉 And yes, the path WILL unfold before you! I assure you, I have gone through some major struggle but when I committed to what I was doing, the puzzle pieces have slowly started falling into place.

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