Exercise is the Key to Thriving Today!

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I have a fun post for you guys today.  The other day Jim Rollince from Gym Source, the largest distributor of home gym equipment, reached out asking if he could write something up for you guys.  But not just anything, he wanted to write about something that’s very close to my own heart: the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercise.  I couldn’t say no, so without further adieu, here is Jim.


Exercise is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself to achieve and maintain a healthy and happy life.  The body was born to move and to move often.  When the body is in movement, endorphins are released into the entire system.  These endorphins create feel-good hormones that are felt by the brain. It is in this regard that exercise is considered nature’s anti-depressant. The stress that was built up in the body is allowed to release.  Exercise in return lifts moods, brings nutrients to the muscles and bones, and generates a feeling of balance and well being that is incomparable.

There are many ways to enjoy exercise.  The trick is to find an exercise program that is enjoyable to you so that you stick with it. The traditional outdoor forms of exercise include walking, running, cycling, and swimming.  Walking and running can be performed anytime and anywhere, which is exciting and empowering because nothing will ever get in your way. Cycling is an excellent way to tour a city, or to connect with a social group who participates in biking adventures.  Swimming can introduce you to the glorious sights, smells, and nature of the sea, or introduce you to a friendly community at the local pool. These traditional forms of exercise can help to strengthen your body, your mind, and your sense of well being by providing you with a community of like-minded people who support the positive relationship between exercise and a healthy life.

Perhaps traditional forms of exercise don’t excite you. That is all right.  You can choose non-traditional forms of exercise to participate in such as surfing, rock-climbing, dancing, snowboarding, skiing, rollerblading, or horseback riding.  These non-traditional forms of exercise can take you into the joys and adventures of nature, open your mind to new possibilities, and push you out of your comfort zone and into a world where you discover your true strengths. These exercises can help to foster the free spirit within you and elevate you to a sense of purpose.  These exercises might even introduce you to a new passion.

If going outside to exercise does not feel good to you, try traditional indoor activities such as housing home gym equipment in your home, buying a treadmill to hop on while you watch your favorite TV shows, or try ellipticals for a total body workout.  Or, for non-traditional exercise indoors try various practices of yoga, Pilates, basic flexibility DVDs, or even chi-gong.  All of these exercises are available to you and you can do them in the safety and privacy of your own home.

Exercise does more than benefit your body and how you look.  Exercise contributes to your mental health because it heightens your sense of awareness, strengthens your self-confidence, improves your self-image, and awakens within you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Exercise will improve your quality of life because you become more of a part of life.  Whether you are surfing or dancing or horseback riding, or simply enjoying swimming laps in a pool, you are a participating in nature and participating in the world around you.  The feeling of being part of a community and part of life is integral to mental health as well as physical health.  Exercise is one of the joys of life.  If you can change your mindset to one of positive expectation and enjoyment when it comes to exercise, you will soon see your life thriving in ways you never knew existed.


In what ways has exercise benefitted you?

 Disclaimer: this post is not an advertisement for Gym Source and I was in no way compensated for this article, but I believe fully in the topic at hand and wanted to share it with you all.

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