F is for Frustrated & Fail

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Yep, that’s how my day went.  Well more like how my apartment hunting went.  I started my day feeling a little lazy and not wanting to dive into the world of apartment hunting because I knew there was a chance it would leave me feel frustrated but I was also feeling optimistic because I had a list of places to check out and the whole day to get it done.  I allowed myself to sleep in a little bit (I’m gearing up for a 9PM-6AM shift at work tonight), had some breakfast, watched a little Hulu, and then set out for the world of apartment hunting.

I picked a starting point on my list and made a stop on the way after seeing several “for rent signs” on nice looking buildings.  Left messages.  Continued on my way only to find the apartment on my list did not meet my requirements.  Continued on my way to the next.  The cycle continued and continued.  Left messages, places didn’t meet my needs, too expensive.  Frustrated.

I hit a low and continued on to the gym.  (Yay for planning ahead and wearing my gym clothes all day!)  The frustration of the morning gave me a headache and while I had a great workout on the stat bike, the exercise didn’t help my headache and my frustration is still lingering slightly.  On my way home, I stopped at the grocery store for a few items and decided to splurge on some flowers.  (Is it really splurging when the flowers were $4? I <3 Trader Joes!)   But I feel like I've been sent back to the drawing board.  The apartments that I were finding today were falling in the $1,100-$1,500 range and that's for STUDIO and 1 BD apartments! Uh…really?! There is absolutely NO reason why I should find a studio for $1,300!!  That better be one BIG and AMAZING studio…

So it brings me back to the idea of should I really be moving?  Should I take advantage of my current building management willing to REDUCE my rent?  It means signing on for another year, but it also means my rent getting cheaper instead of more expensive.  Or I keep the same rent and just pay month to month.  But then that brings me to my dislike for this apartment sometimes…or a lot of times.  I feel like I have hit a wall here.  And I keep hitting it over and over again.  I’m an extremely organized and hard working person but it’s like I can’t get the vibe of this place to work where I can be motivated to be productive.  I feel like I have the place set up in the most logical way but maybe it’s the most logical if you want it to be extremely open, but do I need that? Not necessarily.  The band comes through and stays with me from time to time, but that’s only a few times a year for a night or two.  If I can find a way to set up this apartment in a way that works for my productivity and overall happiness, then we can make it work when I have visitors.  I guess I’m back to the drawing board – literally.  I have pulled out the grid paper and will be trying to draw this apartment to scale….


You work hard.  Someday it will pay off.  Everyone has to pay their dues, including you.  It’s okay to be frustrated and fail, it’s how you deal with it and still end up on top, that counts.
Allowing the frustration and anxiety to take over, is not the way to get things accomplished.
You can do this. 
You work hard.
Keep your chin up.