Falling Into Fall Talking Benefits With AFLAC

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If I may, I’d like to take a moment to give a little PSA while telling you a little story…

talking benefits with AFLAC

In case you didn’t know, I have been battling a migraine for over a month now. Straight (no joke). I’m not one for pain medications or who usually seeks out traditional medicine but I do believe there is a time and a place for it and a couple weeks ago, I hit that time.


I woke up at 4am, wide awake and feeling like I could start the day except when I lifted my head to get a look at the clock to check what time it was, the entire room spun out of control. I wasn’t sure what was happening so I put my head back on my pillow and shut my eyes. I tried to pick up my head again and things just continued to spin. I remember at one point grabbing onto the wall because despite the fact that I was laying down in bed, I was sure I was about to fall to the ground.

It took until after 9am until I felt like I could get out of bed and make my way downstairs. My dad knew right away that I was not in a good place and we discussed if it was time to seek additional medical attention. By noon we were in the car and headed to the Emergency Room.


I’m sure you can imagine this was by no means a fun visit…after a few blood tests, cat scan, and finding out my insurance was not in network with this hospital, I left with no answers and an additional concern of how this was going to play out financially.

Yesterday marked the first day of fall and as such, open enrollment season for many U.S. companies, indicating a time when employees can review their employer-sponsored benefit offerings and choose the plan that best suits their financial and health care needs. (It didn’t just make it okay for us to begin our obsessions over pumpkin everything!)


According to a recent Aflac survey, 66% of workers would not be able to adjust to the large costs associated with a serious injury or illness. We all have different health care needs to reflect our life stages and it’s important for us to consider voluntary insurance policies that may be offered by employers. I know when I get a job with added benefits, I will be doing the proper research to select the plan that best fits my needs.

For more tips to #DiscoverYourBenefits and choose the right plan, head on over to the Aflac website.

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6 thoughts on “Falling Into Fall Talking Benefits With AFLAC

    1. Katie Post author

      Thanks girl! Unfortunately, I haven’t really but my chiropractors have been trying something new and hoping it starts to make progress soon.

  1. Alexandra @ My Urban Family

    I hope your migraine is resolved soon :-/ I’ve had one for a week and a half before, but never a month! I have been having them more frequently though and the doctors have no answers, no matter how many times I go back. One doctor told me it was seasonal allergies… in January, when it was -10 degrees out.

    1. Katie Post author

      Dang! Migraines are such a beast and it’s crazy how they can be triggered by so many different things for different people.

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