February 2019 Goals

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I feel like so often we talk about how fast a month went by, but I can’t say that about January. There was a LOT that happened for me this month and while they were good things, they’ve kept me busy but there’s also a lot to look forward to and be excited about in the months to come and I’m ready for February. Though let’s be real, this past week’s winter vortex is having everyone ready for spring weather to arrive…

A new month also gives the opportunity to come back and reflect if we’re still working on the goals that we hope to achieve from our year. I’m trying to be more mindful this year of making sure my goals each month are helping me get closer to my longterm (and short term) goals for the year. Before we move onto my goals for the new month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the goals I set for January and see how I’m doing.

1. Read 4 books Yes! I read 5!
2. Have a spa day Yes! So grateful my boss gifted me a spa day for the holidays
3. Grow Instagram by 5% No, but not that far off.
4. Stick to new budget This was a no, but also a kind of…I didn’t anticipate getting a pup so early in the year so instead of putting money aside every month for the dog, more was put upfront which sent me over that category. Getting back on track for February though and feeling optimistic about it.
5. Eat well and stay active (time to cut back on the holiday treats…) I have to admit, this hasn’t exactly gone as planned either. I had some chocolate in the freezer which I’ve been nibbling on. It’s gone now and hoping to get my sweet tooth to settle again.
6. Add after meditations at least Monday-Friday Nope. I started off the first week or so strong, then it got colder and snowy and it fell off. I don’t have a place at the office to practice so I was going out to my car. When it’s that nasty though, it’s not happening. Taking suggestions for how else to make this happen.

So what am I working on for February? 

1. No spend month – there are “rules” I’m setting for this as obviously there are many things I still will need to spend money on
2. Read 4 books
3. Launch Yoga Youtube channel – at this point, that’s done
4. Build out IAmKatieArnold.com as my website hub
5. Weekly Writing Date with myself
6. Make a Positive Impact in my Work – I feel like I need to really make the most of where I am and instead, I keep finding myself frustrated with it. It’s time to switch my mindset and show (and feel) my worth.

What are your goals for February? What are you working on? 

14 thoughts on “February 2019 Goals

  1. Anthea

    Spa days are the best! I think vouchers like that are such amazing gifts.
    I’m interested in doing a no-spend month later in the year. Been thinking about it and doing a post on it afterwards. Look forward to reading about yours.
    Have a great February 🙂
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    1. Katie Post author

      I was so excited because I actually got THREE massage gift certificates for the holidays! Everyone in my life must have known I needed a good massage! haha

  2. Beth

    You did good in January! And I would say your new pup might be worth the fact that your budget was a little off. I like your February goals, here’s to a great month!

  3. Charlotte

    I think you did a great job in January! And sometimes there are just added expenses when you have a new pup at home, so I totally get it. Though I am curious how you make out on the no-spend goal for February–something I’ve been trying to do myself (to little avail). Also I don’t have any suggestions for meditations BUT I do have an app that has shorter ones (~5 mins long) and there are some that are designated to help you wake up in the morning. I did one this AM and it was a great start to the day!

    1. Katie Post author

      I’m great about my morning meditations, but it’s more about fitting in an afternoon one when I’m stuck at the office. I feel like meditation is the best way for me to come back refreshed when I’ve maybe allowed my energy to shift out of balance.

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