Finding Inspiration from Gabby Bernstein

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I recently read ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabby Bernstein. I had heard great things about the book, but quite honestly, I had no idea what I was walking into.

You guys, it was amazing! Like mind-blowing, life-changing amazing!

I found myself excited to drive somewhere to listen to another chapter (I listen to audiobooks in the car, it’s my new thing). I found myself going “oh my gosh, yes!” out loud as I drove, trying to take mental notes to remember later, and being so excited to read the book over again (either in a physical form or when I’m not driving) so I could actually do the included guided meditations and pick up on all of the little nuggets of goodness I may have missed the first time through.

This is also totally one of the books that I think every single person needs to read and my friends better watch out because I may buy a few copies just to pass around. 🙂

I stopped at the library over the weekend and picked up another one of her books, ‘May Cause Miracles,’ to be my next bedtime reading book and I’m so excited to keep growing and learning and being a better, more in-tune version of myself.

With that said, I wanted to share a few quotes that I’ve discovered as I continued to research other Gabby Bernstein books, courses, and tidbits that I can add to my life…


Also, this video by Marie Forleo with Gabby Bernstein may be a few years old but seriously, watch it…


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Have you read any of Gabby Bernstein’s books?

What was the last book you read that changed your life?


6 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration from Gabby Bernstein

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  2. Neely

    I love her! I read one of her books when I was going through a really tough time and it helped me so much

  3. Lindsay

    Thank you for sharing this amazing book – I’m literally walking out the door to buy it now. I love her quotes! Thanks Katie!
    I think I need to get into audio books but still getting comfortable driving manual, I literally cannot even have the radio on in the car, I find everything distracting at this point but I know I’ll get comfortable as time passes.

    Have a great weekend Katie! 🙂
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