Fires and Friends

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Growing up in the midwest, you never really get to know the ocean.  My beaches growing up were lakes and boats went out on the rivers.  There was no going out into the super salty ocean water for a swim or wave jumping.  And despite that I’ve now lived in California for over two years, I forget this is something I can now do.
A couple weeks ago, Heather and I headed out for an afternoon at Dockweiler Beach.  Should I mention this was the first time I went to the beach all summer? (I mean aside from enjoying my lunch break on the beach.)  I know it’s crazy but somehow I allow myself to forget how easily accessible beach days have become.
Dockweiler Beach is one of the few (maybe even the only) beach in the area that is lined with fire pits and the nights are packed with people sitting around, roasting marshmallows and enjoying the company of their friends.
When Heather and I went to the beach that day, we didn’t expect to find an open fire pit.  It was a weekend after all.  But when we got there around noon there were a few fire pits left and we decided “why not?” and set up in front of one.  We spent the day scaring others away from our fire pit and trying to lure our friends to join us for some even s’mores.  And of course, we’d take their company sooner too!
We had a small group, but it was super fun!  Two of Heather’s friends joined us ready to have a little beach BBQ and Blayne arrived shortly after with firewood, s’mores ingredients and his super nice camera to document the evening.  I’m working on getting better about taking pictures but it’s always nice to have a friend with a nice camera to take pictures so I don’t have to (and they always turn out better than my photos anyway).

So here are some pictures (courtesy of Blayne!) from our evening at Dockweiler Beach a few weeks ago.