First Run of 2013!

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I hope everyone’s having a great new year and if you’re a resolution maker, still hanging on strong!  I have to be honest, I hate the gym in January because it is just PACKED with people.  I love everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm for leading a healthy life, I just wish they’d go to the gym at times when I’m not there.  And stick with it… 😉


Anyway, I mentioned on Tuesday that I was starting my New Year off right with a 5k run in the city for LifeTime Fitness’s Commitment Day Run.


The Commitment Day run is considered a rally versus a race.  They don’t time you (though they do have clocks placed along the course for pacing) and it’s more about gathering as a community with friends and family to commit to leading a healthy life through the year.  I was given two entries through FitFluential and pretty easily convinced one of my coworkers to run it with me.


Everyone was told to come up with a commitment for themselves for the year.  When we got to the event, they had a giant sign for all of the Chicago participants to sign with our commitments.  Mine?  “To my healthiest & happiest year ever!”


A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone. 😉


Since the race was un-timed and I had convinced my coworker to join me, I decided I would make it a fairly easy run and run with her.  It was her first 5k and I thought it might be good for both of us.  Besides running meant that I could stay warm because boyyy was it COLD!  It was a mere 16* Tuesday morning!!

394931_838292577999_2082641451_nIt was an awesome, easy and fun run.  I left feeling like I could run a bit more but also enjoyed it being a pretty light day.  And of course it was fun leaving the suburbs and making our way into Chicago; it’s such a pretty city and I really need to make my way in more often.



Here’s some motivation for today:


Any fun runs planned for 2013?

4 thoughts on “First Run of 2013!

  1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I am SO bad about being encouraging of newbie gym goers instead of just getting annoyed that I can’t get on my elliptical machine and watch trashy TV while I work out. [Sigh] I will try not to have evil thoughts…

    Sounds like a great run! I am impressed that you went for it in 16 degree weather! When the thermometer even dips below 50 it is a mental exercise for me to get out of the door…I don’t know what is going to happen should it actually snow…

  2. Calee

    I LOVE CHICAGO. 🙂 that would have been so much fun. Glad you ran with your friend untimed. Can’t wait to run with you today!

  3. Ashley

    I Wish I were more supportive of other people’s goals … But I just hate all the newbies at the gym in January! It makes the gym so crowded and overbearing.

    Happy new year!

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