FitMixer Bootcamp – A Check In

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The first day of FitMixer Bootcamp seems so long ago, yet it’s also going so quickly! I’ve been loving it and while I’ve spent some time talking about my challenges with counting calories and how much I’ve loved the workouts, I thought it was time for an overall check-in with how I’m doing and if I’m seeing any improvement.

While I’ve said a few times, this bootcamp isn’t about losing weight for me. It’s about toning, overall health and changing up my workouts. I honestly feel that’s exactly what it’s done. I’m definitely feeling like there’s a difference (if you see one may be a completely different answer) and my workouts have been like nothing I’ve done before.

I’ve definitely missed my weight training as we have done strength training by using our own body as resistance, which don’t get me wrong is still hard! But I also can’t wait to get back to the weight room and lift some weights (there’s nothing holding me back from doing it now except that I just haven’t).

Like I said, I’m not looking to lose weight but if it happened along the way as part of achieving my overall health, then that was fine. And so far I’ve lost 2 lbs and instead of seeing my weight fluctuate 2-3 lbs, it’s been fluctuating by ounces. I’m assuming that’s because I’ve been counting calories and therefore really paying attention to what and how much I put in my body each day.

The first workout as part of Bootcamp was a FitMixer test. We were given a list of exercises to perform and the goal was to do as many as you could in a minute or hold as long as you could. This was like a flashback to those fitness tests we did growing up, but it didn’t give me the anxiety like it did back then. I thought it would be interesting to share my results.

 I’m definitely happy to see improvements in every category except for the jumping jacks.  Honestly, I was so exhausted at that point and knew as I was doing it that I wasn’t giving it my all but I just couldn’t pump up the energy.  Regardless I’m still really proud of myself and proud of the progress I’m making.  I can’t wait to see the final results!

Have you ever done a bootcamp style workout?  

How do you track your fitness?  

How many Burpees can you do in a minute?

2 thoughts on “FitMixer Bootcamp – A Check In

  1. Calee Himes

    Oh. Man. Katie — I haven’t done any of the bootcamp workouts for a while. I feel kind of terrible. I was in Boston. And I started running again (!!!) and I am going to redo LiveFit Phase 3 starting TODAY. I am going to have to do the fit test! Shoot.

  2. Heather Blackmon

    I love bodyweight workouts, so much simpler than going to the gym. I’m a big fan of TRX with helps to make those even harder with just that one piece of equipment. That said, I used the hotel gym the other morning and it was a nice change of pace. I’m not sure I’ll go back the gym full-time soon, but who knows! 🙂

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