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I spent my Saturday getting into the Christmas spirit.  After a fairly good day at work + workout at the gym, I came home and shortly after lunch my mom and I went to Michaels.  We’re on the search for Christmas Eve party table favors.  We had a basic idea but needed to get the stuff and figure out just HOW we could make it happen.  We were walking around getting into the holiday spirit (thank goodness!)


After dinner we watched It’s A Wonderful Life, one of our family Christmas movie favorites!

And while watching the movie, I was finalizing my Christmas list.  I had started it several weeks ago as I thought of things I would like.  As I added things, I realized the majority of the things on my list were fitness or healthy living related, which lead the creation of the Fitness Enthusiast Gift List ideas:

What kind of items are on your Holiday Wish list this year?

Anything you would add to my list above?

3 thoughts on “Fitness Enthusiast Gift List

  1. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    That’s a great list! Too funny, I’d just been working on my own… guess we bloggers all think alike this time of year. 😉 I like the foam roller addition… reminds me I need to go dig mine out. lol
    I would add a track jacket to the list since that’s what I’d love, but the cute ones are always so darn pricey. 🙁
    Have a great day!! 🙂

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