When Fitness Feels Good (+ The Workout That Felt Great)!

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Can I tell you all something?

I have been listening to my body a TON and I swear it’s paying off! (Genius concept, right?)

Cutting (non fruit) sugar out of my diet for the last 4 1/2 weeks and focusing even more on the workouts that my body WANTS has been even better than I can explain. There is still a long way to go to really feeling back to myself, but I feel like I’m finding a rhythm and learning to trust myself again.

With that said, I plan out my workouts at the start of the week as it makes it easier for me to feel focused on how I’m going to stay active without feeling like I’m scrambling BUT I’m flexible. Those plans change as my body does and with how it feels.

After a terrible night’s sleep Sunday night, I cancelled my reservation at yoga and gave myself that extra hour and a half to try and get more rest. Sure I would have loved to get in a workout (and sometimes I still do after a marginal night of sleep) but I knew in that moment, sleep was what I most needed and so it’s what I took.

Come Tuesday morning, I SPRANG out of bed, got in a great circuit workout before heading to hot yoga and went into my day refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling like a completely new person again.

Where am I getting at? Today’s workout was just that. A day when I woke up wanting to lift some (albeit light) weights so I found some inspiration and threw together this workout.

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400m Buy-in Run



Dumbbell thrusters

Ball slams

Alt knee to elbow

200m run between rounds


400m Cash-out run

Do you plan your workouts?

Do you adjust your workouts as your body feels throughout the week?

15 thoughts on “When Fitness Feels Good (+ The Workout That Felt Great)!

  1. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    I plan my workouts but, like you, I also listen to what my body is telling me. In some ways I probably have to more than others. I was born with clubfoot and even though they corrected it, I still have issues with my foot because of it. If I have a workout planned that will be too high impact if my foot is bothering me I have to tone it down. 🙂
    Crystal // Dreams, etc. recently posted…Currently // April 2016My Profile

  2. Neely

    I plan workouts for sure. Nothing is worse than heading to the gym and not having any idea what to do

  3. GiGi Eats

    OMG I LOVEEEEEEEEE when fitness feels good! It’s the friggin’ best. It typically ALWAYS feels good to me, but it takes a few minutes to get to that point for sure! Fitness aftermath is the best! 😀

  4. Amanda

    I don’t plan my workouts but I should! I have been more focused on doing exercise that feels good to my body versus doing extreme exercise to lose weight. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Marette @ Floradise

    I plan my workouts in my planner but if I am not feeling it that day because my body is telling me it needs rest I try to switch days around. I agree that it’s all about listening to your body!

  6. Jenine

    I also plan my workouts at the beginning of the week/ Sundays. I used to push myself to do them and wanted to stick to my plan no matter what, but I found that this only stresses my body out actually making it more difficult to release weight and increasing chances for injury. Learning to listen to my body, I’ve learned to rest when I need to and incorporate more relaxing types of exercises like yoga, walking + more stretching! Thanks for reminding us to listen to our bodies so we can feel our best 🙂

  7. Precious Chiduku

    I like the approach of listening to your body. Honestly I am not much of a physical person. But I think my body has been complaining a bit too much now, so I am planning to start a good exercising schedule. I just haven’t read a post talking about listening to your body. Most fitness articles have such a rigid schedule… it makes you not interested altogether.

  8. Ashley

    I try to plan my workouts but sometimes it just doesn’t work. I was supposed to run a 5k last weekend but was no way ready to do that and my friend dropped out so I didn’t want to be doing my first 5k of 2016 by myself so I didn’t do it. But I have one on the 30th and so right now my workouts are just trying to get ready for that. Basically I am trying to run a little bit more each day!
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  9. Lexie

    I’ve learned to not force workouts! If I force them and my body is too tired to do it, I’m miserable! I push myself but I also listen to my bodies needs as you said! Great post!

  10. Chrissy

    It is so important to listen to your body and to give it what it needs! Good choice to get in that much needed sleep instead of heading to yoga. If we treat our bodies respectfully we can get the most out of them in a healthy way! xxx
    Chrissy recently posted…How I Feel In 5 Words.My Profile

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