Fitness Friday #10

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This past week marked the kick off of the CrossFit Open (read why I signed up HERE) and I got to do my first Open WOD at an event for 50 States In A Year. To be expected it was definitely a rough one, made worse by the fact that my hands tore pretty bad after the first part but I finished and am really proud of how I did.


Obviously I’m not looking to compete in the Games but I am looking to do my best, step outside my comfort zone and have a lot of fun! And that’s exactly what I did!

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On another note, running still isn’t easy for me right now but I’m happy that I’ve been better about incorporating more of it back into my workouts this past week. A tough 3 miler and a bootcamp workout sandwiched between two – 1 mile runs. Progress, it’s all about the progress.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Friday 2/27


15/1 (scaled)

AMRAP in 9:00

15 knee raises

10 deadlifts (55#)

5 snatches (55#)

score: 165

immediately into 15.1a

6:00 to establish at a 1rep max

clean & jerk

score: 90#


Saturday 2/28

4 x 250m row

2 x 500m row

+ mobility work


Sunday 3/1

CNC “Hawk”


Monday 3/2

100 jumping jacks

75 air squats

50 push-ups

25 burpees



Double Unders (2x singles)



Tuesday 3/3

3 mile run


Wednesday 3/4



Thursday 3/5

Plank work, followed by…



Now tell me – how were your workouts this week? What inspiration do you need to get through this next week?



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