Fitness Friday

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A quick recap of fitness this past week:
Saturday 7.16
25-30 min run (approx 2.3 miles)
Approx 3 mile walk
5-10 mins abs & stretching
Sunday 7.17
90 min/14 mile bike ride (45 min / 7 miles each way to work)
Monday 7.18
5-10 mins ab & stretching
Tuesday 7.19
40 min walk/run (approx 3.4 miles)
20 min weights: arms, abs, stretching
Wednesday 7.20
Thursday 7.21
22 min walk/run (1.65 miles)
25 min weights: legs, abs, stretch
90 min contact yoga (photos of this class to come?)
Friday 7.22
90 min yoga
I’m trying to incorporate stretching and light ab work on my rest days so I am continuing to strengthen my core and loosen any tight muscles.
People often say they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible – this is not an excuse! 
I’m not very flexible but I’m working to increase my flexibility so that I can try new poses or take my current practice to another level.  You would also be surprised by how much your body can loosen up as you warm it up with movement.