Fitness Friday

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With my going back to school to get my Certificate in Fitness Instruction, I thought I should start sharing more about the steps I take to stay healthy.  I generally talk a bit about going for a run, to yoga or some other gym trip but I don’t often share any details about my exercise routine.  Maybe you’re not interested, but maybe you are and since this is such an important part of my life, I’m going to share.  And I’m going to call it Fitness Friday! 

So with each Friday, I will share something Fitness related with most weeks giving an overview of what my week of exercise looked like.  This is something that I track for myself to help understand my body better.  It’s interesting to be able to notice patterns and/or changes in behaviors that correspond with the littlest things, like my exercise schedule.
With that, here’s a recap of this past weeks workouts:
5.09 mile walk/run
The run was over 4.25 miles while the rest of the distance was my warm up + cool down.  This workout totaled 59 minutes and left me feeling amazing! I was tired but when I stopped, I felt like I could keep going but knew if I did, I’d be extra exhausted later.  I felt fit and amazing!
Day off.
38 minutes of running + high incline walk intervals
I tried running this day but my lungs were not having it, so I did intervals.
25 minutes of yoga via one of my podcasts
90 minutes of yoga
20 minutes of walk/run + 5 minutes lifting and stretching at the gym
I don’t like my gym’s new location (a conversation for another day) but I found it very difficult to focus and decided that after the 25 minutes I was there, it was time to just go home and end the gym session before it made me cranky(ER).
90 minutes of yoga w/ Gigi Yogini where we had a photographer taking pictures and we tried some partner yoga poses! SO fun!
Day off (didn’t want to drive to the new gym location).
Day off (didn’t want to drive to the new gym location).
While this is still a great week of exercise, it’s definitely one of my calmer weeks.  I think part is due to the stress of my Anatomy course, part to the new gym location I’m not fond of and part to a mix of laziness/asthma.  I’m looking forward to getting back into it this up-coming week, as well as finishing up my Nike + Cardio Challenge!
…now, I’m off to bed!

(P.S. All these pictures came from Fluid Frame Photography taken during Gigi Yogini’s Wednesday Wellness Flow at The Yoga Collective in Santa Monica, CA)

Stretching…I’m in the blue if you can’t tell

cat cow pose

Downward facing dog

Can you see me in wheel pose back there? (Note to self: pull in those low ribs…dang they look sharp!)

Gigi Yogini helping me with my handstand pose. (Another  note to self: strengthen your core!)