Fitness Friday

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This was another one of those weeks where my fitness regimen didn’t play out the way I had hoped / originally planned.  But at the end of the day week, I’m still happy with what I have accomplished.

Sat 10.22.11
30 mins / 3 mile run (40 min with warm up & cool down)
30 mins arms, abs and stretching
Sun 10.23.11
Mon 10.24.11
25 min / 2.5 mile run (35 min with warm up & cool down)
10-15 mins abs and stretching
Tues 10.25.11
Wed 10.26.11
20 min run / 2 mile run (30 min with warm up & cool down)
Thurs 10.27.11
30 mins yoga
Fri 10.28.11
30 min yoga
10 min abs & stretching
So I’ll be honest, my exercise for today has yet to happen but as soon as I hit publish, I’m rolling out my mat and going!  My plans for today just kept changing and while a big part of me wants to crawl into bed with my Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix book, I also really want to get in at least a bit of exercise.  It was one of those days where time was going by quicker that I wanted/needed it to for everything I had to accomplish.  I watched my plan to hit the gym after work disappear when 4pm came and went.  I switched the plan to a yoga class down the street at 6:15pm and when 6pm came and went, I knew my best bet was just to go home, eat dinner and listen to a yoga podcast.  Tomorrow though, I’m back to the grind!

How was your week of fitness?