Fitness Friday #14

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It’s been a busy week. I guess that’s the normal now, isn’t it? I’ve spent the last 2 days in Vegas with events, RV issues and trying to find time to get things done and not totally stress out. Good luck, right? 😉


Anyway, this was the week of Open WOD 15.5…tire flips….rope climbs…double unders…and that was all one day! But I had so much fun and my body felt amazing!! I felt strong and I think all of the double under work was a really great warm-up for my body that I was just able to power through. Note to self, make sure you always take time to warm up…it’s SO important!

Let’s take a look at what I’ve done this week:

Friday 3/27

CrossFit Extraordinaire Event

2 hours double under and pull-up practice

Tire Flip Race

Rope Climb

7min AMRAP:

7 Wall Balls

50m Run

3 Tire Flips

50m Run

score: 4

Open WOD 15.5 (scaled):

For time:


Row for Calories

Thrusters (45#)

time: 14:51


Saturday 3/28

CrossFit Unrested Assurance Event

Core: 3 rounds of 30 seconds: Dead Bugs / Hollow Body Holds

Strength: 3 x 10: Hanging Leg Raises

Strength: 3 x max effort: Ring Dips (purple band) – 13/11/11

WOD for time:

10 hang cleans

400m run

10 power cleans

400m run

10 shoulder to overhead

400m run

time: 8:04 @ 65#


Sunday 3/29

10 mins double under practice

5 x5 strict push-ups

15 min AMRAP:

5 burpees

10 air squats

5 burpees

10 lunges

5 burpees

10 sit-ups

score: 5+3 burpees


Monday 3/30



Tuesday 3/31

CrossFit Ampersand Event

5×3 pause front squats – 55#/65#/70#/75#/80#


Power cleans (65#)

Box jumps (20″)



Wednesday 4/1

CrossFit Raw Appeal Event

27 Box Jumps (20#)

9 Push Press (55#)

18 Box Jumps

18 Push Press

9 Box Jumps

27 Push Press

3 min rest

27 Kettlebell swings (26#)

9 V-ups

18 KB Swings

18 V-ups

9 KB swings

27 V-ups

time: 18:20


Thursday 4/2

Hard Time CrossFit Event

4 min AMRAP:

4 Push-ups

6 Strict Press (35#)

8 Overhead Lunges

score: 3

2 min rest

4 min AMRAP:

4 Push-ups

6 Push Press (35#)

8 Overhead Lunges

score: 3 + 2 Push Press

2 min rest

4 min AMRAP:

4 Push-ups

6 Push Jerk (35#)

8 Overhead Lunges

score: 3 + 4 push-ups


That’s a big thing that I’m reminding myself. I’m not great at everything…I’m not even good or kind of good at many things. And that can be hard, especially as a perfectionist but it’s something that I’m working on. I’m motivated to get those double unders, so I’m consistently practicing and they’re coming. I’m getting them more frequently and faster than the previous day’s practice. It’s something and I’ll take it. It’s also been great that I’ve been in so many boxes lately where I really mesh with the owners and coaches and they take that extra time to watch me and help me get there.

Don’t give up, my friends! If there’s one thing you take away from today, let that be it…don’t give up, just dig deep and reminder WHY you’re doing it and WHAT is motivating you and use THAT!

How were your workouts this past week?

What motivation do you need to push through?

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