Fitness Friday

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Today was not supposed to be a “rest” day (especially per my 10k training) but as the day progressed, I realized that a workout was not on the agenda.  Between a migraine, ear pain and my chronic pain being more severe today, I knew it was best to just come home after work and rest.  Sadly, the Aleve I took earlier can’t keep up with all of the pain and I have friends on call should I decide to take the strong stuff.  (I’ve never taken it before so obviously I am a bit on the apprehensive side).
Anyway, I’m okay and using tonight to tackle my to-do list (at least what I can do without moving my butt from my bed/couch).  Here’s what my week of exercise looked like:
Sat 10.15
30 mins abs, arms and stretching
30 mins stationary bike
Sun 10.16
30 mins strength and stretching (Jillian Michael’s 20 min workout – level 2 + additional stretching)
Mon 10.17
45 min run w/ warmup & cool down (2.5+ mi run, 3 mi total)
15 mins abs & stretching
Tues 10.18
15 mins abs and stretching
35 mins stationary bike
Wed 10.19
Thurs 10.20
25-30 mins run w/ warm up & cool down (2 mi run)
10 mins abs and stretching
Fri 10.21
This was my first week following my training and I definitely didn’t do nearly as well as I would have liked.  I followed the training aside from yesterday (should have also had strength) and today (should have been cross training) but I don’t think the Jillian Michael’s is suitable as my only strength training, especially on weeks when I don’t get to yoga and end up having to miss my second planned strength session.
Overall it was a good week but I’m looking forward to pushing forward with next week.