Fitness Friday

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There was no doubt in my mind that today would be a “rest” day but oh man do I still have this urge to go to the gym or yoga.  Not so much because I feel like I need the physical activity but because I could use the mental release and relaxation it brings me.
I hope to make time tomorrow (if the energy is there) to break a bit of a sweat and relax.

SAT 10/8/11
20 mins abs and stretch
55 mins run w/ warm up and cool down (4.61 miles)
Sun 10/9/11
30 mins abs, legs and stretch
42 mins stationary bike
Mon 10/10/11
90 mins yoga
Tues 10/11/11
25 mins abs and stretch
40 mins run w/ warm up and cool down (3.2 miles)
Wed 10/12/11
90 mins yoga
Thurs 10/13/11
20 mins abs and stretch
30 mins stationary bike
Fri 10/14/11
Rest ** (Well deserved rest!)
It was nice having more yoga in my life this week and really breaking a sweat in most of my workouts.  Some people are afraid of sweating but it gives me a sense of accomplishment in my workouts.  Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s true!
Now it’s time to continue my well deserved rest and get some sleep! …it doesn’t feel at all like Friday.  Are we sure it actually is?