Fitness Friday #16 and 4 Days in A Gym

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I’m pretty easy to please. Give me a cup of coffee and a good workout and chances are I’ll be pretty happy for awhile. But if you want to know what makes me even happier, give me a gym with weights to workout. It really is the little things in life especially when you spend a year living on the road and making the best of the situation (i.e.- mostly body weight workouts).


This past week we had our 50th event for 50 States In A Year while in California. It was an 80s theme and really fun, though I don’t ever recommend working out in a leotard, it traps ALL of the heat!

It was a long day though and the owners were sweet enough to let us stay the night and workout with them again the next morning before we left the area. I don’t turn down workouts in a gym, just like I won’t ever turn down a hot shower. 😉

We’re making what I joke is the “dart back to Iowa” so we can be at Alex’s wedding on Saturday. It worked out really well with the route and I’m so happy that I can be there for my fellow CrossFit-obsessed blend’s special day. The journey from Roseville to Des Moines meant that we’ll basically be on 80 for days upon days upon days and noticed we’ll be traveling through Salt Lake City and near CrossFit Extraordinaire where there was an event just about a month ago so one of the owners invited us to stay and we got in a workout Wednesday when we arrived and Thursday before we left. 4 days in a row in a box and I’m feeling a bit spoiled. In the best way of course.


But truthfully, it’s been really nice. I’ve said multiple times, one of the things I miss the most being on the road is CrossFit…the regular programming, the familiar faces of a community (not that meeting many different communities isn’t great, because it is but sometimes it’s nice to see the same faces for a few days), and lifting weights. I get some great workouts in that are body weight based, but I love incorporating more weight training into my routine. It makes me feel strong and like I’m really pushing myself to be better and become stronger.


Friday 4/10
Saturday 4/11
10 min bike warmup
2 mile run
Double under practice
Full body strength
Sunday 4/12
5 rounds:
5 min easy run (5.0)
1 min sprint/hard run (7.0)
1 min rest
10 mins double under practice
Monday 4/13
1000m row
20 min amrap:
100m run
10 thrusters (55#)
10 box jumps (20″)
Score: 6 + 10
Tuesday 4/14
Bench Press:
5×5 @ 35
5 x 3 @ 65/70/75/85f/85
10 rounds for time:
1 Turkish getup/side (8kg)
200m run
1 wall walk
Time: 23:09
Wednesday 4/15
Deadlifts: 10@65# / 5@85# / 3@105/115/125# / 1@135/145/155/160/165/170#
For time 21-15-9-6-3:
Deadlift (85#)
Bar facing burpees
Kettlebell Swings (26#)
Time: 13:52
100 sit-up cash out
Thursday 4/16
Double under practice
5 rounds for time:
20 wall balls (14# dropped to 10#)
1 high box jumps (24″)
5 snatches (45#)
Time: 14:33

How were your workouts this past week?