Fitness Friday #17 & The Week My Fitness Went Missing

Workouts are my therapy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They help me rest and relax and tune into what I need and meet myself where I’m at. When I don’t get them, it shows…in my energy, my mood, pretty much everything.


This past week was one when workouts were slim (at least compared to my norm) and it definitely showed. It didn’t help that life, weather and RV troubles made it harder for them to happen but I did what I could and really, that’s all I can ask of myself.

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Friday 4/17

Rest – stuck in Wyoming


Saturday 4/18

Rest – drove 12 hrs followed by wedding


Sunday 4/19

5 x 500m row


Monday 4/20

Rest – core work am&pm


Tuesday 4/21

50 states wod:

365 single unders

50 air squats

50 sit-ups

50 burpees

50 sit-ups

50 air squats

354 single Unders

Time: 22:39


Wednesday 4/22

3mile run


Thursday 4/23

100# power clean

95# squat clean

8 min tabata row: 83 cals

4 min tabata box jumps: 54

Total: 137


I’m looking forward to a few events for 50 States this next week which will get me into a gym plus a few planned workouts for non-event days. I’m hoping for a better week for my fitness. In fact, I KNOW it will be a better week for my fitness.

How were your workouts this week? What motivation do you need to keep pushing through the harder weeks?

4 thoughts on “Fitness Friday #17 & The Week My Fitness Went Missing

  1. Kymberly Swope

    Everyone in my house has learned that when I get my training in, I’m a nicer person so they let me have that time. I get my run in at about 8 AM and in the evening after my son goes to bed, I do whatever cross-training is on my agenda. Things go so much smoother when that happens.

    1. Katie Post author

      Girl, I get you on that! It was very difficult in the beginning of this year for me to find any kind of routine and make sure my fitness took a priority. But once I continued to see the benefit of my workouts (not just physically, but MENTALLY as well) and when my friend saw them too, she knew that I needed to have that time and learned to make sure I GOT that time, even on our craziest days.

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